1. athoet

    Weekly Summary


    This is the second to last of this class and it’s weird for things coming to a close.

    I did one daily create this week on a throwback to my favorite assignment this semester. This is what I wrote:

    “This is one of my favorite projects from my work in …

  2. athoet

    The “Bunk” William Moreland


    I wanted to keep a running post of my work on the final project for Bunk and have done so here. Bunk is a really cool character and so wonderfully sarcastic and ridiculous, yet serious and a decent investigator, so it has been fun creating Bunk outside the world of …

  3. athoet

    Tutorial 2: Post-it Notes and Grocery Lists


    This was a pretty easy assignment, but it was also pretty fun because you get to pretend to be someone else. For my character from the Wire I tried to make his notes as tuned into his life as possible and what I knew about him or could imagine him …

  4. athoet

    Tutorial 1: Book Artist!


    To make this I downloaded a photo of the person I wanted from the Internet. I used Photoshop to block out just his silhouette. I used the eraser tool because the magic lasso tool could not pick up on the color differences, thought that tool is typically easiest to cut …

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    Down to the wire


    There was a ton of work for these two weeks and I had two major problems: my internet quit at my house and I would have no internet where I was going for Thanksgiving. So all of this work was essentially done in two days as I sat in a …

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    For today’s daily create on being creative with leaves, I took this picture of a plant in Mara Scanlon’s office. They looked like butterflies to me and I thought it was cool.

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    Summaries of six


    Episode 5-

    I really like this season for the focus on the kids. The major says there are two types of students: astute kids and corner kids. The issue is that they are lumped together and cannot be taught that way. I feel bad about Bubbles getting hurt. He takes …

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    The Divergent Games



    This is my last mashup assignment for the movie mashup prompt. I mixed together Divergent and the Hunger Games because a lot of people say Divergent is just the new Hunger Games. I spent a lot of time on Photoshop to make this poster, so enjoy!



  9. athoet



    Today I captioned an unsplash photo for the daily create. I wanted to use the typewriter because it mixed the old and new with the saying I wrote on the typewriter. I used Photoshop to do this.…

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    Bunk’s Police Beat report


    This is Bunk’s second assignment for writing.  He wrote up a report for a case of multiple suicides for work for the police beat assignment.

    Multiple suicides sweep Baltimore suburbs. Rich children of politicians create suicide pact called 1-800 Cyanide.

    First death by rope. Suicide after shooting Captain of …

  11. athoet

    Interstellar Wall-e


    For my remix assignment I worked long and hard to create this mashup of the Interstellar trailer with Wall-E trailer and movie sound effects overtop. I tried really hard to make them match up and sound good. I played around with irony a lot and gave the remix a dark …

  12. athoet

    “Right into the wall!”


    I did the mashup assignment for inappropriate laughter and had some fun with it. I had just watched episode 7 of the Wire and thought this fight scene would definitely be inappropriate to add laughter to, so I had to use it. It was easy to download the video and …

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    This is my daily create of my shoefie! My friend and I did a project on our own where we decorated our own shoes and now I get to use it for this daily create, which is pretty cool.…

  14. athoet

    The last one


    For my first daily create I made a short writing piece to the prompt “the one who got away.” As I am wholly unromantic, I decided to write my piece about something I really care about: candy.

    You were the one that got away. The others, brown, red, …

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    Two weeks notice


    Maybe it’s because this was a two-week long week, but I felt like I accomplished a lot. I did some really great assignments and packed so much Wire into my life. It was great to work with video and fine tune some skills in that department, as well as do …

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    The Bunk


    For my final project on the Bunk Moreland, I created four different social media outlets for him, a bio to start my ideas flowing and created an avatar that is the same on each site. I also started planning out some ideas for the final project.

    Bunk’s biography:

    “My name …

  17. athoet

    Let your colors fly


    For today’s daily create I made a map of canva for myself. I have the newspaper in the background and then used the photo from my website logo of books as the lines. I got both of my majors in my flag and lots of color!…

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    Wire everywhere


    Last Friday I had a few run-ins with the Wire outside of this class. I went to see the movie “Interstellar” and saw two very important characters from the Wire in two different movie trailers. See if you can recognize them!

    It’s Omar and Bunk! I was also in a …

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    Name that book!


    For my first assignment I chose the “name that book” assignment. I used Vine to create three images that correspond with the three main words of a book title as follows: The _____ of _____ ______. It was easy to make and fun to think of ways to …

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    Wednesday Zeugmas


    I did today’s writing daily create on writing a few zeugmas. I combined mine into one angry zeugma-packed poem of sorts. Today is production day for The Blue & Gray Press newspaper and it has been quite exhausting. I’ll just say that I was inspired for this poem.

    Today …

  21. athoet

    Inspired 2: Wafflestomper


    For my second inspire post this week I chose Wafflestomper’s (great name) post on the Downton Abbey/Wire mashup- Downton Shabby. It was totally hilarious and as I watch both shows, I understood it. The juxtaposition of high class British society with the Wire’s broken down Baltimore was too perfect. This …

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