1. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Marx, Crime and the Cuckoo


    What’s in common between Karl Marx, crime and the cuckoo clock, if anything? Well, there is first this little pamphlet written by Marx himself, titled “In praise of crime”, or something very like this. In it, Marx says that, contrary to popular and bourgeois belief, crime is actually a strong …

  2. Antonio Vantaggiato

    I Am Mine


    I found an old comics magazine recently, that I had stacked from en earlier life. My younger self, in the fabulous 70’s, had bought this Linus magazine with Lucy shouting “I Am Mine!”

    Linus, January 1974

    Of course this became to be the feminist slogan of that age, and I …

  3. Antonio Vantaggiato



    I’m enjoying some resting time away from office, students and all. So, I can’t help enjoying this unsplash.com site, where free Hi Res photos get published every week, with no restraining their use. Power to the people! This one is superb, like the others.

    Download / Photo By Matthew Wiebe
  4. Antonio Vantaggiato

    TEDActive 2015: A Record


    I am very late, I know. I was at TEDActive 2015 in mid March and it’s only now that I’m publishing a note of that experience! Still, I also mixed up a video of the trip and conference that I’d like to share. It was a terrific experience. Here is …

  5. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The Article That Was Not


    Thus is written on Volume 16 on Shelf 2 of Wall 2 (of a numbered Hexagon), at page 115 (of 410 —all volumes have equal length). And thus is written there and has always been written since the beginning of time. For such is the Library of Babel. Of course, …

  6. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Flashback: The UFO Series


    A terrific flashback from my own teenager era. Suddenly, when talking with friend John on old TV series (he noticed we’ve come back to TV series as in the 70’s), I googled “UFO series” because I suddenly remembered of a series I adored when I was a kid. It was …

  7. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Card stacks


    Today, after a pleasant meeting at UPR’s Graduate School of Information and Technology Science, just above the library, my attention was caught by some strange furniture in the shape of drawers.

    [Photo by me. CC Licence BY-NC-SA]

    Yes! They are drawers containing the famed catalogue cards which I used to …

  8. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Plaza de Toros


    The roads on the Internets are infinite. A simple question lingered on myself, which Hilda promptly answered. Were there bullfight arenas in Puerto Rico in the past? With real corridas? –Yes, she said. I remember one in Isla Verde, she reminded.

    An easy googling produced the evidence. Indeed at Isla …

  9. Antonio Vantaggiato



    Ny-Ålesund is an extreme place, probably the northern-most inhabited place on Earth.

    Photo by Tom Phillips.
    Post Office in Ny Alesund. CC License A-2.0

    It has a post office and a hotel. It is an international research station on the island of Spitsbergen, in the Svalbard archipelago, north of …

  10. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The Moon


    The stars about the lovely moon
    Fade back and vanish very soon,
    When, round and full, her silver face
    Swims into sight, and lights all space


    The full moon of these days prompts me to revisit my old memories of the great Sappho, “Violet-crowned, pure, sweet-smiling Sappho” (“Dolce-ridente Saffo …

  11. Antonio Vantaggiato



    Ambient noise can be nice and useful. Here I have two noise generators which may be great apps. The first has a wonderful name, Coffitivity, and generates the sounds from a coffee shop.  And you can download an app for iOS or Android. It’s great: One can choose Morning Murmur …

  12. Antonio Vantaggiato

    2014 Allen’s Movie Marathon


    What have I learned on life from the movies I’ve seen? What have I learned from the stories of love, sex and neurosis from Woody Allen? Who knows, more than “learn” I ought to use the word “influence”. What has been his influence on my way of seeing the world, …

  13. Antonio Vantaggiato

    2014 cometh to an end


    2014 cometh to an end. Good-bye, 2014. It was a great year, hadn’t it been for the Chikungunya, the rash-arthiritis-fever-weakness illness borne by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. They say mosquitoes help diffuse information via viruses. In this case I feel a little better. The first half of 2014 was good. The …

  14. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Love You


    It’s just fitting to finish the year 2014 off with a good-spirited animated GIF. I had a flash of this moment from Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981), when a cute girl blinks on a baffled professor (Harrison Ford), just to reveal a nice “Love You” written on her eyelids. …

  15. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Constrained publishing


    Somehow, I ended up liking Facebook. I mean, it’s a black hole. It’s a pit where losing one own’s writings and all, and where sharing cat shots. Trivial stuff gets published every day, trivial photos and quotes and cat shots. You either republish stuff or push the famed “Like” button. …

  16. Antonio Vantaggiato



    We did it again! Past November 14 we hosted our second TEDx event, completely and independently organized by us. The focus this time was Reversing the Implosion, meaning we explored ideas and projects which tell us how to get out of the big crisis of the last 7-8 years. The …

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