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    Some thoughts on binge television and the novel


    Image from RENEGADE CINEMA

    My first thought on watching Season 4 of Arrested Development was, “Oh my god oh my god it’s finally here oh my god.”

    My second thought was, “This reminds me of Confederacy of Dunces.”

    Like John Kennedy Toole’s comic masterwork, AD S4 switches back and forth …

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    THE INVADERS: The “Lemon” Ad


    So, before you freak out, what the hell is that, here’s the original advertisement:

    If you don’t know this ad, it’s a famous VW ad called “Think Small.”

    It has all kinds of vectors that make it a really important ad in the history of advertising, helping to spark the …

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    My People


    I knew when I started this assignment that I wanted to go for diversity. Multiple settings, a mix of color and black and white and filtered photographs, photos where the people were a relatively minor element (such as in “HAPPY BDAY”) and even photos where no people were in the …

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    Digital and Analog Storytelling 2013-04-20 15:55:45


    It’s the end of the road.

    This has been one of the most rewarding teaching experiences I’ve ever had, bar none.

    I’ll be posting more thoughts later in the week, after all of the final projects come in and the semester is really, really over. For now, here are my …

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    Photo essay assignment


    CC Potomas Photography

    Photographic essay—“My People”


    On time. Final draft due April 22, a gallery of all ten images posted to your blog with analysis by class time.

    On theme The title of the photo essay is “My People,” and should reflect that theme. It doesn’t have to simply …

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    Homework Broadcast 04/15/2013


    CC ColorBlindRain

    For Wednesay–

    Post three photographs of your own creation with wildly different compositions and styles but with similar rhetorical purposes. Post one photo (or one photo that you are considering including) from your final photo essay. Be ready to talk about how it’s going. Bring whatever media that…
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    Dovima with Elephants, Richard Avedon, 1955


    Dovima with Elephants, Richard Avedon, 1955

    Again, directional elements abound, the curves of the elephants heads, bodies, and legs; the seemingly elongated limbs of the model; the white sash (is that a sash?) and belt of the Dior dress. Also, the way that the elephant’s trunk seems to be an …

  8. B Short

    Highboard, Peter Keetman, 1957


    Highboard, Peter Keetman, 1957

    This is the photo that I can’t stop looking at today.

    There are all kinds of great directional elements–the tumult of pipes and gazes, the spear of negative space over the diver’s head.

    What’s the diver diving into?

    What’s the lifeguard (is that what he is?) …

  9. B Short

    Three chords and the truth


    It’s easy, I think, to allow technology to mediate your imagination right out of a picture.

    In class, some people really loved the last section on design, and some people really struggled. A lot seemed to have to do with the process of actually making the images with Gimp and …

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    Homework Broadcast 04/08/2012


    CC ColorBlindRain

    For Wednesday–

    Find one new thing to create or explore from an online or print source. It could be a technical issue–focus, exposure–or it could be a type of shot–a portrait, a landscape. Make a post explaining what you learned or tried to your classmates. The post should…
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    Daily Shoot, Week 2


    CC Potomas Photography

    This week’s daily shoot assignments–

    Take a photo with strong contrasts—technical (lighting, coloring), physical (size, distance), conceptual (new and old, present and past) Take a portrait. Take a self-portrait. Take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable object. Take a photo of something’s shadow. Photograph something commonly…

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