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    The Final Keystone/Capstone/Ask-a-mason-what-it-is Project


    Only five classes left!!!!

    As we approach the end of our class, it’s time to think about a capstone project, something that students can point to afterwards, something that will communicate something important–whether it is specific concepts, general feelings, or particular moments from class experiences or projects–to future UMDSt students …

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    Daily Shoot–Today to Sunday


    CC Potomas Photography

    From today until Sunday, you have four new photos to shoot. Have fun!

    Create a photograph that features a repeating pattern. Make a photo that looks better in black and white than it did in color. Take a photograph that emphasizes the sky by placing the horizon…
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    Homework Broadcast 04/01/2013


    CC ColorBlindRain

    Our final week of design!

    We hardly knew ye.

    By Wednesday

    Read the short story “Jon” by George Saunders and post a response Make an animated gif

    By Sunday

    Comb through the links in CTOOLS/VISUAL/PHOTOGRAPHY Find one new thing to create or explore from an online source. It…
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    I don’t want to wait for Season 4 to come out


    But since I’ve got to wait for Season 4 of Downton Abbey, why not make some minimalist-ish posters for the show.

    The first and second posters were made awhile ago for DS106′s minimalist TV poster assignments, things that I made quickly, trying to get down to the most basic elements. …

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    Design Create #4


    Design Create #4! What are you waiting for? Go! Go!

    Minimalist travel posters. Narnia? Downton Abbey? Skeepers? Make a minimalist poster showcasing your favorite/least favorite place. Or a place that you have complicated feelings about. Or a place that you can think of. You know. Something. Check out Star Wars…
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    Design Create #3


    Bagman’s TED Talk

    Design Create #3 NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION (so what are you reading?).

    Fantasy Ted Talk. Create your own imaginary TED Talk featuring fictional characters, inanimate objects, BFFs, U-M celebrities, whatever. Previous examples (available here) include Lassie, the Dude (from The Big Lebowski), a zombie, and Gertrude…
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    Albums without Sound


    So, the first thing you should do if you haven’t already, is go check out Eric Sena’s “Albums without Sound” tumbler here.

    For class everybody had to pick out their favorite album. It was hard, but I finally landed on this one:

    From albumswithoutsound.tumblr.com

    There’s a lot to like …

  8. B Short

    Westland (color splash)


    So, first, I grabbed a photo:

    So there isn’t much in this photo, it’s very simple, just a sign and the sky behind it and the edge of a pole creeping in at the upper right hand corner.

    So I took this photo, duplicated the layer. Then, on the top …

  9. B Short

    The Catnip Eaters


    First I found a picture of a fat cat. The internet is full of them, okay.


    Then, using Gimp, I used FILTERS>ARTISTIC>OILIFY, and used Mask Size: 8 and Component: 8 to get this:

    I thought it looked good, the oilify-ed pic. It kept enough detail that you could tell …

  10. B Short

    Homework Broadcast 03/25/2013


    CC ColorBlindRain

    For Wednesday–

    Read excerpts from The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams, “Intro,” “Proximity,” “Alignment” (readings on CTools) Browse the “Albums without sound” website Pick one album cover to talk about. What do you like about it? What is compelling about it? Talk about the composition, about the…
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    Design Create #2


    Great work this weekend. Remember, though, that you should be blogging your Design Creates and, also, your one extra, self-determined design project for the week.

    Tell us what you did, why you did it, what you were thinking about, what you learned.


    Without ado, here’s the second …

  12. B Short

    A Night at the Moth!!!!! (comic book effect)


    So I started by adding comic book effects to a few different pictures, but most of them looked better in the original. Or, if not better, they weren’t particularly compelling as comic book pictures.

    They were all photos from last night’s Moth, so I decided to combine them all into …

  13. B Short

    Homework Broadcast 03/20/2013


    CC ColorBlindRain


    Enough awesome audio!

    It’s homework time!

    For Sunday midnight–

    Read excerpts from How Images Think by Ron Burnett and “Images” by Robert Hass (both readings are on CTools) Respond to one of the readings in a blog post Complete two quick design projects. One will be assigned…
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    Welcome to DS Visual


    Welcome to DS Visual!

    This is the last section of the semester, although, kind of, sort of, it’s really two different sections, Design and Photography.

    We’ll be starting with design, which includes some general ideas about graphic design (contained in the CTools readings) and some basic graphic and photo manipulation …

  15. B Short

    How to Be a Superhero


    Experience personal tragedy. Spend years suffering. Gain powers. Decide to use powers for good. Notice people with powers who have experienced precisely zero edifying personal tragedies. Pummel them. Kill no one, especially not super-powered bad guys who enact horror without experiencing it, that way you ensure that you will never…
  16. B Short

    Audio essay, draft and final: “Autofill”


    First of all, I totally ripped this idea off.

    Last night I went to a poetry event, “In Praise of Wildness,” organized by Jaime Delp. The purpose of the event was to draw awareness to a recent Michigan law regarding the hunting of wolves.

    At the reading, the poet Stephanie …

  17. B Short

    Homework Broadcast 03/11/2013


    CC ColorBlindRain

    Our final week and a half in digital audio!

    You should be working hard on your radio pieces at this point, and to help with carving out time, I am suspending the daily create requirement for this week, all the way through next Wednesday (when the audio pieces …

  18. B Short

    Audio essay: “7 Stories about George Saunders”


    Books by George Saunders

    So I was reading (re-reading, but whatever) the selection for Monday’s class, three chapters from Jonathan Kern’s Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production, and I got caught up on the part that talks about how important it is to sound conversational, that …

  19. B Short

    Vox pop post-op: Tips and tracks


    She’s auditing.
    CC lewishamdreamer

    The term “vox pop” comes from the phrase “Vox populi, vox Dei,” which means “The voice of the people [is] the voice of god.” Just so you know what they heck you were doing last week.

    The term refers to the brief, man-on-the-street-style piece (it can …

  20. B Short

    Thoughts on UMDSt video (incl. master playlist)


    Let’s all go to the lobby, and get ourselves a snack.

    The movie section has been over for about a week and a half, and I’m just getting around to making a Youtube playlist of everybody’s videos so that anybody who wants to can poke around and see what we’ve …

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