1. B Short

    Audio Create 3


    CC JSchneid

    This week’s audio creates! Two due by the end of the week…

    Tell the story of a place in one ambient audio recording. (umdst, umdst24) Using your voice as the only instrument, create a recording of a verse and/or chorus from your favorite song. (umdst, umdst25) Do a…
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    Audacity Basics


    Just a few quick hits, as we get into our vox pop assignment.

    First, if you haven’t worked with audacity before, check out this screenshot:

    This is your basic screenshot in audacity (I’ve cut off the right side, where not much is going on).

    The blue arrow is pointing at …

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    Audio Create 2


    CC JSchneid

    Number 2 audio create! Get your mics ready….

    Make an audio recording of using an everyday object as a musical instrument. (tags umdst, umdst22) Make a recording of the most lively laugh you have made someone do. (tags umdst, umdst23)

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    Moth StorySLAM: Clumsy, 02/19/2013


    Impressionism @ Circus Bar

    A little late getting a post up about Tuesday’s Moth show, but better late than never, right?

    Our winner was novelist, storyteller, and experimental sledding enthusiast Steve Amick. Steve is a great storyteller and writer who has guest hosted a few times when our regular …

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    Welcome to DS Audio


    Welcome to DS Audio

    Congratulations, you made it through the Foundations and Video sections of Digital Storytelling! Now, onto DS Audio.

    For this section you will be required to complete a minimum of two audio pieces totaling a minimum of four minutes of well-produced audio. These two audio pieces are …

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    Audio Create 1


    CC JSchneid

    Your first audio creates!!!!

    Record, produce, upload to Soundcloud.

    Enjoy, everybody.

    AUDIO: Record a sound that represents the sound of a meal you ate or made today (tag umdst, umdst20) AUDIO: Create an audio of two sounds not normally heard together (tag umdst, umdst 21)


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    More videos from ROB HESS


    Here are a couple more that I got Rob to share with us. Enjoy, y’all.





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    Homework Broadcast 02/17/2013


    CC ColorBlindRain

    Homework broadcast–UPDATED! PLEASE READ!

    For Monday, February 18–

    Watch the three videos in this post for Monday’s class

    For Wednesday, February 20–

    All final UMDSt videos are DUE!!! That means three final, personal videos; one group education video; one individual video for “Project Beardfish” NO READINGS! No blog…
  9. B Short

    Sunday Art Project


    This is another Mr. Brains-on-Top comic which I started today, as a follow up to the short film I made for UMDSt’s video unit. I like how the cutouts look, and the Grey-meets-Brains-on-Top saucer flyer, but I don’t really know what captions I would use, or how I would even …

  10. B Short

    Video Create 9


    CC LarimbaME

    LAST. VIDEO. CREATE. EVER. (except for any that show up over at tdc.ds106.us)

    What is the coolest thing that you can do now with video that you couldn’t before? Explain what it is and why you like it. (umdst, umdst18) What is your favorite video that a…
  11. B Short

    Video Two: “Typeface and Identity: A Short Film”


    This film started out, like so many movies, as a book, and the book was better.

    Just My Type, by Simon Garfield, is one of the best books I’ve read in the past year. It’s a hilarious, impeccably told history (a sporadic, idiosyncratic history) of typefaces and fonts. Garfield does …

  12. B Short

    Video Create 8


    CC LarimbaME


    Horrify a childhood nursery rhyme. Act it out. (tags umdst, umdst16) Use photos of people who have never met to make a video of the conversation you imagine them having. (tags umdst, umdst17)

  13. B Short

    UMDSt Collaborative Filmmaking Project: An Update


    A quick update for non-UMDSt storytellers on the state of our movie.

    Last Wednesday, during class, we brainstormed as a class on ideas for a collaborative movie that we’re making this week to close out our section on digital video.

    The movie will consist of seventeen short scenes/sequences—between thirty seconds …

  14. B Short

    Video Create 7


    CC LarimbaME

    Second to last VIDEO CREATES. Bittersweet, bittersweet….

    Tell us what you remember from your first day of school (tags umdst, umdst14) Two great tastes… tell us about an unusual combination of foods that you like putting together (tags umdst, umdst15)


  15. B Short

    Homework Broadcast 02/11/2013


    CC ColorBlindRain


    For Wednesday–

    Watch “Everything Is a Remix“ Be working on “Project Beardfish”

    For Sunday–

    Videos TBA Be working on “Project Beardfish” Be working on your three major videos–they are due next Wednesday (February 20)! Complete 3 daily creates/video creates for the week

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