1. B Short

    Video Create 6


    CC LarimbaME

    Today’s video create options. Go get ‘em!

    Explain what your favorite word from another language is, and tell us why you like it (tags umdst, umdst12) Show us and tell a story about something odd you found in the back of your desk drawer. (tags umdst, umdst13)

  2. B Short

    Video Create 5


    CC LarimbaME

    A smorgasbord of great, quick video options! Bon appetit.

    Record a daily update – include date, time, weather, and a rating for the day (tag umdst, umdst 10) Present like a scientist the most effective technique you know to make someone get rid of their hiccups. (tag umdst,…
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    Video Create 4


    CC LarimbaME

    Today’s video create options. Enjoy!

    Record a video of yourself telling your favorite joke to the camera (tag umdst, umdst4) Record a video of yourself telling your joke to someone else, recording their reactions (tag umdst, umdst8)

  4. B Short

    A Survey of the Literature


    Some examples of viral videos:

    David after dentist

    Free Hugs

    Star wars kid

    Where the hell is Matt?

    Numa numa

    Gangnam style

    Little Superstar

    Did you ever have a dream

    Boom goes the dynamite

    Mountain climber intro

    Miss Teen USA–South Carolina responds

    Evolution of Dance

    The question is–What is binds …

  5. B Short

    Post-Camp, Post-SOBIG: Notes on the Aesthetics of the Meme


    Schoolboy/Universal Records

    It’s entirely possible that an effort to unify viral videos through an aesthetic sensibility is quixotic, wrong-headed, and/or poorly considered. It might be any or all of those things. Even if it’s not any of them, it still demands the same requirements that the articulation of any sensibility …

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    Video Create 3


    CC LarimbaME

    Here is the third (and final) video create options for this week. Enjoy!

    Record a short video that shows an object in motion. (tag umdst, umdst3) Make up new lyrics to a favorite song. Now sing it (with friends if you’re shy) (tag umdst, umdst 7)

  7. B Short

    Video Create 2


    CC LarimbaME

    Here are today’s thrice-weekly video create options:

    Create a 30 second “breaking news” update about something that happened to you today. (tag umdst, umdst2) Ask a stranger (or multiple strangers!) why they like Ann Arbor (tag umdst, umdst 6)

    Good luck!

  8. B Short

    Goals for DS Video


    Here he is, Mr. Brains-on-Top

    I have two major personal goals for the next three weeks, during the video section of UMDSt.

    The first thing I want to do is get better at Premiere (I’ll be using Windows Movie Maker for my three class videos, eff-why-eye). I have two gigs …

  9. B Short

    Video Create 1


    CC LarimbaME

    For all Video Create assignments, upload your video to Youtube, tag it, broadcast it on Twitter, blog it.

    Today’s Menu:

    Say a tongue twister until you mess up. (tag umdst, umdst1) Make a video of you and a friend doing something together (tag umdst, umdst 5)

  10. B Short

    Welcome to Video


    Silent Darth Vader from Silent Star Wars

    Welcome to DS video.

    Over the course of these three weeks you will be responsible for producing three videos on your own, and, additionally you will be doing some very short video pieces which everyone will be doing together.

    For each of the …

  11. B Short

    Homework Broadcast #4


    CC flickr ColorblindRain

    For Wednesday:

    Post to your blog, explaining what specific goals you are hoping to meet by the end of this video section of the course. Both personal and technical goals are welcome. Read: Wired for Story–Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2; Making Media–Composing the Frame, Depth and Movement…
  12. B Short

    The Insolence Office and the That Patient



    To be, not to: that is question: Whether nobler in mind to the
    slings, arrows of fortune, or take arms a sea troubles and
    opposing end? To die: sleep; No; and by sleep to we end
    heart-ache and thousand natural That flesh heir to, a
    consummation to be. To …

  13. B Short

    Homework Broadcast #3


    CC flickr ColorblindRain

    For Sunday:

    Read “Branding in the Digital Age” and “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy” (in CTools) and post a response to your blog by Sunday midnight Read michiganradio.org every day and post at least one blog post (that’s one blog post total, not one blog…
  14. B Short

    Notes on Wesch


    A questioner from Michael Wesch’s talk at UMW Faculty Academy

    Okay, so, this guy kind of blew my mind.

    I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been thinking about Web 2.0 so much (because I’ve been reading about it so much), but it’s just nice to be reminded that a …

  15. B Short

    Allow me to introduce myself…


    That’s me, I’m books

    I’ve been wanting to make a video made out of still shots with narration over top of the images for a while, and it was fun making it, going through my photostream and just picking out photos to use to introduce myself (none of the photos–including …

  16. B Short

    Charlestown Playhouse


    A drawing of Charlestown Playhouse

    Charlestown Playhouse was founded in Elizabeth Foster Stonorov, whom we all knew as Miss Betty. It is an old-looking building with a black overhang over the front door, and it has a kind of deco blockiness that dates its architecture. Behind the building were woods …

  17. B Short

    NEWSWIRE: Blog Roll, Tweep Roll, Extra Reads


    CC Gary Brown

    Alright alright alright–let’s get al of this stuff in one place.

    Three significant accomplishments so far for UMDSt. I have a complete blog roll up and running. I have a semi-complete list of Twitter handles for the class. And I also have our first list of articles …

  18. B Short

    Tips for Digital Storytelling


    CC User Thoth92

    Four tips for digital storytelling students in RCCORE 334.003!


    Make sure to share all of the stuff that you’re working on. Post it to Twitter when you post it to your blog, that way everyone in the class knows that something new is up.


    In …

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