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    Summary 2


    I learned that design has different elements and several different parts to make an image or advertisement. What was harder than I thought would be was one of the daily creates because I didn’t understand it at first. What was easier was taking pictures of advertisements that I found. What …

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    Tee Shirt


    Looking for a DnD shirt that fully expresses that is all your personality is. Then here you have it. This shirt perfectly expresses that DnD is always on your mind but shows you can never find a group or have a normal schedule.…

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    Redesign Book Cover


    “Throne of Glass” is the first book in Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series. The story follows Celaena Sardothien, a former slave and deadly assassin, as she is pulled from her imprisonment in the salt mines of Endovier to compete for the chance to become the King’s Champion. As she trains …

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    My Story as a Video Game


    In the enchanting world of Ballad of Ellements, embark on a grand RPG adventure set in a medieval fantasy realm filled with magic, mythical creatures, and epic quests. As a courageous hero, you must restore balance to the kingdoms that have fallen into chaos. Harness the powers of fire, water, …

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    Color- The use of color in the Bogo buy one get one free sign is shown by the orange that fades into yellow. These are warm colors that are a symbol of impulsiveness and energy. What I think this advertisement is trying to do with these colors is to grab …

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    Vignelli Canon


    The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli is an important work that explores the fundamental principles of design. Vignelli, an influential Italian designer, presents several important concepts for designers across various disciplines. One of his key concepts is the virtue of simplicity. Vignelli advocates for clean, minimalist design elements and focuses …

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    Summarizing my Past Posts


    What I learned from doing these past posts was how to take a better photo and be patient with that process. I also learned what the Draw It was and how to make photoshopped images for that assignment. What was harder than I thought was the scavenger hunt photo assignment. …

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    Website Band Creation


    Another day just me being bored. So I thought why not create a random album for a band that does not exist? Going through websites to give me the words and what I need to make it weird and not make sense. To create something to laugh at or regret …

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    Diglet Ghost


    I walked past the painting that sits in the basement like normal, but unlike most days this wasn’t normal. This time when I walked passed the painting it has a small silhouette. From what it looked like to be was a, diglet? Like as in the Pokemon. I was confused …

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    Yiga With Banana


    In Breath of the Wild, the lore states that the Yiga clan love bananas. What if they used bananas for their weapons too? It would lead to the game dropping a banana knife. Just having Link walk around and a Yiga clan member pos out to hit you with a …

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    Dog Haircut


    My dog is a poodle mix. So, her fur gets long all on its own. Now comes the dreaded day as she puts it if my dog could talk. A haircut. Her being left alone for a few hours is terrible to her. Not to mention they are taking away …

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    15-Minute Photo Scavenger Hunt


    When I started the 15 minutes I was just running around my house trying to find objects or anything that could be of use. When it came to finding something futuristic I had no idea what to do about it. I eventually just found my lightsaber and used that. One …

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    How to Take a Photo Reflection


    To get a good photo that seems highly detailed even if it is just your phone it is best to use a photo app that is not already downloaded on the device. Piklr is an excellent app to start off with because it gives the user a more precise image …

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    About Me


    Blog Post One   I am currently a rising sophomore in college. This site has been created so I can put down my original novel ideas and what I have already written. Now I have posted on Wattpad before as another area of writing. I am in the process of writing …

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