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    Daily’s Done pt 2



    This daily create was to make really bad art. No problem

    Savior Star

    This daily create was to show who the saving star would be to come save earth. An apposite of the death star. This is from my favorite video game destiny 2

    Swiggity Swag

    This daily create …

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    Daily’s Done pt 1


    Senior Smiles

    This daily Create was to show off a smile. I had recently taken my senior photo’s so why not flex a little


    The daily create above asks us what the best way to quench your thirst. Being the sugar addict that I am I had to chose …

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    Domestic Design


    The area of design in recent life. I personally love designing images and things like a website. Though I am an amateur I do enjoy practicing and learning new techniques. For example the elements of design and color patterns. Starting from the basics that may go over looked something as …

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    Retaining the Radio Lab

    Click here to view original

    The link within the image to left is to a website called WNYC which is the website for a New York radio station. The specific link directs to an audio file of a “Radio Lab” discussion between their hosts and one Suzanne Simard and a …

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    The Memo

    This is a “malaphor” (a combination of metaphors) and I chose a familiar “I’ll burn that bridge when I cross it”…
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    After doing some research, I was tasked with recreating my own attempts at photography. Following the research I realized I had a picture that already followed some techniques on the far right. Then I brought a buddy and went looking for a good picture. The two on the left where…
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    The Celtic


    Jim Richardson, a renown nation geographic photographer known for over 50 article contributions to their website captured these incredible images. He has such a good eye for depth and balance within his images. I love his sense of scale and how he uses the image to show you what you …

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    The Camera Captures

    Photography has and will always evolve with it's respective era and circumstance. I was tasked with reading The Guardian's Article on "The Death of Photography", and give my personal evaluation on the issue. From my stance a photographs more common purpose is social; to share what you've done or where…
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    Thorough Thoughts

    The Bird who Shouldn’t Fly The Untimely Demise

    As the wind hugs his body and the gravity pulling him poorly resembles the hug he always wanted everything floods back. The first time he realized it was a lie, his first encounter with the girl of his dreams and all the …

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    Secrete Social Status


    Above are my impersonations of if Steven Hawking had a social media habit. The assignment was to use “fake media” generators to create Facebook and Twitter accounts for a person. …

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    Speaking in Sights

    Stories, food, music, sights. They all have the ability to dance in our heads and light up our imagination. As said in Kurt Vonnegut's presentation they all have shape and direction. Up down left to right and every direction in between. Understanding that the best stories optimize the use of…
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    Stealing From the Thief

    On the basis of copy rite and the new online world. With so much creativity within the world and now an unfathomably large bank to deposit it on the online world many new complications arise. When is it okay to copy someone else? When do lines such as inspiration and…
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    Spread The Word

    Austin Kleon wrote 10 ways to share your creativity and steal like a thief to share his view on how to be a better website/ content creator as well as how to provide higher quality content. He gave 10 ways to get your voice out and each have their own…
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    The Tropical Sunset

    The Joys of Painting season 12 episode 9. This episode Bob Ross introduces us to a highly requested tropical sea scape. He paints a color filled sunset and a dark brown beach with chaotic waves crashing the shore and two "friendly" trees standing alone on the left side of the…

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