1. basedgalaxy93

    Martin Garrix Vs. Techno Viking


    For this assignment, I decided to mash techno viking and Animals by Martin Garrix together. I tried to link the part where the techno viking really gets into it and when the beat drops so that it almost looked like he was dancing in sync. Hope you guys enjoy it …

  2. basedgalaxy93

    Life Changing Experience



    For this in class assignment, my group and I decided to show the life changing moment when an individual finds out she is pregnant. In this case, an even more life changing moment is told when a man finds out he is pregnant. How will he react? Will he …

  3. basedgalaxy93

    Monologue of a Household Tool


    It’s been so long since I have seen the light. When this house was being built I was used to twist and turn the bones of this home until they were sturdy. I was used to ensure this beautiful place would not collapse upon its inhabitants. Oh! How I miss …

  4. basedgalaxy93

    10 Seconds of Thanks!!!

    I am thankful for my family I am thankful for my friends I am thankful for the opportunities I have in my life I am thankful for the food I am fed everyday I am thankful for my education I am thankful for the love I am given.…
  5. basedgalaxy93

    Vanilla Ice Vs David Bowie and Queen


    Last class we went copyright infringement and the ambiguity concerning its exact definition. We reviewed the assigned readings and videos and had an in depth discussion on Andy Baio’s copyright infringement case. Using one of the readings, the class engaged in a group discussion which led to us being assigned …

  6. basedgalaxy93

    Unusual Superhero


    In high school I was a bit of a class clown. My friends and I were those group of kids always cracking jokes in class and screwing with the teacher. One day my English Teacher, Mr Lowig, gave us an assignment which required us to make our own fictional story. …

  7. basedgalaxy93



    I picked Goldmember because i absolutely love Michael Myers. When I was a kid I used to watch all of the Austin Powers’ movies and enjoyed every single one of his character impersonations.…

  8. basedgalaxy93

    Zef life


    This gif was made from a music video by Die Antwoord. They are a underground rap group from South Africa and I love the lead singer/rapper, Yolandi Visser.…

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