1. bbrady1992

    Week 10 Summary


    It’s the first day of November, which also happens to be the last day of Week 10. Time for the summary!

    The first assignment I completed this week was reading Roger Ebert’s article “How to Read a Movie” and watching two short videos about cinema techniques. I wrote up a …

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    “How to Read a Movie” Reflection


    Roger Ebert certainly had a lot to say about how to read a film. When I read it through the first time, I was surprised to see that much of what he was writing sounded almost scientific. He broke down how position, lighting, and several other  components of a film …

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    Week 9 Summary


    Week 9 is at an end, so it’s time for the weekly summary. After having to do so much work for the radio show, I was glad to find that there wasn’t a ton of work this week. I’ll start off with the radio show review.


    Radio Show

    I …

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    Grumpy Desperados Review


    I was assigned to review the Grumpy Desperados radio show.

    I liked the choice of topic. It had plenty of information to keep the show interesting and it was relevant to the time of year. The way it was split up was clever. Doing the history of Halloween, scary stories, …

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    Weeks 7/8 Summary


    We’re at the end of the eighth week, so it’s time for a summary of the work I’ve done over the last two weeks. Let me first say that I’m extremely glad that we’re halfway through this semester. I graduate in December (provided I pass all my classes) and I’m …

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    Guess That (Backwards) Song! (Reverse Audio Quiz)


    This audio assignment is worth 3 stars, bringing my total for audio assignments to 7 stars. The assignment page is here, but I’ll include the directions below as well.

    Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse …

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    Daily Creates – October 5th through October 18th


    I completed six daily create assignments over the last two weeks. I was glad to see that we had two weeks to do six. I had a huge project in my Partial Differential Equations course that had me absolutely worn out, so this schedule offered a much needed respite. There …

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    The View from My Window


    My daily create on October 2nd. This is my third daily create of the week. I had to create an image of what’s through my window. I don’t know why the photo is rotated like this in the tweet, I’ve tried and can’t fix it.

    The view from my window …

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    Week 5 Summary


    I’m finally done with all of the work for this week. Thank God. I’ve been way too busy this week and I’m looking forward to taking the rest of the night to relax. I learned a lot about editing images this week. I couldn’t do much with GIMP before this …

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    Week 5 Daily Creates


    I completed four daily creates this week. I used GIMP for all except for all of them except the first one. I’m starting to get more comfortable with GIMP after doing these daily creates and the visual assignments.


    For the first daily create of the week, I had to …

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    Highlighting the Highlighter (Splash the Color Assignment)


    The second visual assignment I chose to complete this week was “Splash The Color.” This is a 3 star assignment. The assignment instructions were

    Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object, e.g. a …

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    Consider My Flickr “Pimped”


    I’ve done a couple of things to pimp out my Flickr.

    The first thing I did was create a custom URL. I thought about making it more complex, but that would make it harder to remember, so I went with a simple name that I also use on other sites.…

  13. bbrady1992

    Photoblitz Bop!


    I just took all of the pictures for this week’s photoblitz assignment. First, the pictures themselves.



    Start time:


    Photo dominated by a single color:


    Two things that don’t belong together:


    Unusual angle:




    Somebody else’s hand:


    Interesting shadow:


    End time:


  14. bbrady1992

    Radio Show 3 – He Who Shall Not Be Named…Yet


    I joined the third group for the upcoming radio show assignment. I ended up in a group with Rachel Stanford, Tori Lear, and Mitchell Eubank. We have a group discussion going on Canvas to figure out what to name the show and what we would like to make the show …

  15. bbrady1992

    Week 4 Summary



    Unfortunately, I was extremely busy this week with work and assignments for other classes, so I didn’t get a chance to finish all the DS106 work. I did still learn a lot about storytelling, though. Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad taught me the building blocks of oral storytelling and …

  16. bbrady1992

    Jad Abumrad Reflection


    Jad Abumrad discusses why he believes radio creates empathy.

    Having listened to a number of Radiolab podcasts, I was curious to hear what Jad Abumrad would say about storytelling. It was surprising to hear him first say that he was a TV junkie. For some reason, I had it in …

  17. bbrady1992

    Ira Glass Reflection


    In these short videos, Ira Glass describes what he thinks storytelling is. He identifies the two building blocks of storytelling and the “importance of abandoning crap.”

    Ira Glass starts off by telling us that storytelling is very different from what we’ve been taught in school. In storytelling, you don’t need …

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