1. Brian Brown



    A bizarre turn of events.  I stood in front of Visualassignments10.  Empty. Not a soul had dared.  Why? What was so uninviting?  Here is my tale.

    We need to learn the value of stripping things down, removing the cruft, making more with less. Take a large body of text …

  2. Brian Brown



    A photograph I snagged at a TED Talk Conference I went to on February 6, 2012.

    Bending over, a man nudges the dark form sprawled out in the mud outside the inn.

    Man: “Look at what you’ve become.”

    Shaking miserably, the dark form turns away.

    Man: “Is this what has …

  3. Brian Brown

    Day 37


    12:40 p.m.

    p. h. o. n. e.

    Parcel of letters

    Hold it in my hand

    Over and over

    No don’t go


  4. Brian Brown

    Web 2.0


    2:39 p.m. February 2, 2010

    Within a tiny, white walled room, I sit huddled around two Dell computer screens reading about the infamous Web 2.0. The temperature is 75 degrees. Behind me is an electrical room, room 330A to be precise. At any moment some terrible event with only a …

  5. Brian Brown

    Multisite Tutorial


    Weary Internet Traveler:  Are the rumors true?  Are you one of the legendary super administrators?

    MuZZy:   Ah, so you know.  *Shakes head*  I am revealed.  The games are over.  You have uncovered a truth I’ve hidden for so, so long.  Minutes, no hours, no days I’ve gone without sleep hiding …

  6. Brian Brown

    Multisite and Plugins


    Shrim shrim.  Okay.  What about plugins you ask? What happened to your site?  Dragon fruit? Scratches head.

    Here are some of my emotions?

    Setting up multisite is easy.  Painfully easy, actually.  WordPress is a huge help here.  I’ll write a tutorial by Monday to clarify the whole process.

    Anyways, the …

  7. Brian Brown

    Personal Cyber Infrastructure


    One of my first thought’s after our week with Gardner Campbell was a of TED talk by Ken Robinson on creativity and education.

    Robinson asserts that school kills creativity.  As we progress through our educational lives, the focus becomes more and more specific.  By the time we reach university, none …

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