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    Radio Show Design


    For the Radio Show design i decided to create another bumper sticker. I created one once before and enjoyed it enough that i wanted to make another. The bumper sticker includes our group name and the members in the group with Noir nightscape as a background. I used GIMP to …

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    Weekly Summary 2/9/15 – 2/15/15


    Week 5, the design of noir, was an interesting one. The actual assignments I loved, although this week was a struggle. I had so much going on with school and out of school and it was hell trying to work through this week.

    To start I’ll go over the daily …

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    Design Blitz


    Image 1

    My first image of the design blitz was taken of a crank bait fishing lure that i use to fish for bass. For this photo i looked at the concept of dominance. To me, this image says dominance with how magnified the crank bait is and it is …

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    Double Indemnity


    To start the title of this film had me hooked. It screams noir and double indemnity is a genius title for this film. The film features an insurance salesman, his wife who wishes her husband were dead, and one other fellow who is a claim adjuster. From research this film …

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    Business Card

    Create Your Own Business Card

    We’re reaching a time in our lives where where professionalism is key. Use photoshop to create your own business card to advertise who you are.


    2 Stars!

    For this assignment I chose what i want to do later in life and that is open …

  6. bchristi1361


    Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From?

    Photoshop someone(s) (or something(s)) into a picture that isn’t supposed to be there. Here’s the original inspiration for the project: http://www.zonaeuropa.com/20110629_1.htm


    3 stars!

    When i saw this assignment i knew i had to do it. Photoshopping someone where they don’t belong is always …

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    Gambino Bumper Sticker



    3 1/2 Stars!

    I chose to do this assignment because it was easy to relate this to my created character. This assignments counts as 3.5 stars out of the 6 stars i must complete for my character. The bumper sticker i created includes a slogan “Business or nuthin”, a …

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    Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!


    It’s time to show your love for DS106!  Create your very own personal DS106 wallpaper using your favorite image editing software.  Try to be creative and inventive with your wallpaper and put your editing skills to this test.  Feel free to borrow pieces of pre-existing wallpapers to build your own, …

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    Reflection of the Vignelli Canon


    This was a curious read. Vignellis first points about semantics, syntactic, and pragmatic all brought up interesting points and to me the semantics or the meaning behind something is the core of all work. It’s essential for whatever it is you might be doing. My favorite quote of his about …

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    Weekly Summary Week 4


    To be completely honest I can say that Audio Week has been my favorite week thus far. There is just endless things you can do with audio (music/sound effects/etc) and it’s incredible how you can piece them all together. The Radio bumper was by far my favorite assignment of the …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    This assignment to me is somewhat overwhelming but at the same time its so wide open that you can do anything.

    Rough Ideas:

    A corrupt female that is facing all sorts of problems A bad cop Something along the lines of a twilight episode plot

    With these ideas it will …

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    DS106 Bumper


    The creation of a bumper was my favorite assignment thus far. It was so open and you could really create whatever you like. I used “Second Chance” by Shinedown for the music and cut the lyrics. I uploaded the song to Audacity and input a voice over to let the …

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    Make it Slower


    Music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed Bieber’s “U Smile” down 800% and the result was ethereal magic. Find a song to experiment with and slow it down to the point where it becomes an amazing piece of ambient music. If doing this with Audacity or any other non-linear digital editor, …

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    Reverse Audio Quiz


    Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse the music. Once you have reversed the music place the file in a blog post and give three hints as to what it is. See who can figure it out …

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    Audio Reflection


    When you think about music and miscellaneous audio, you don’t realize the impact it has on things in the world especially television and film. Sound is a key component to many stories and sets the tone for almost everything. Whether it’s just music in the background or purely a scene …

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    Weekly Summary February 1st 2015


    The week of 1/26 to 2/1 was full of work. I started the week with the flu and it wasn’t easy to get working but I did the best I could. I certainly enjoyed Visual week more so than writing week and I hope that we are able to do …

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    Photo Safari


    For Week 3, I captured many shots incorporating the “Noir” theme and these three photos fall under the Noir Safari category. The first picture was taken inside my house capturing the “Ventetian Blind” effect, the use of distinct shadows, and lighting from one side. It incorporates shadows and you can …

  18. bchristi1361

    “You’re Doing it Wrong”


    I like to say this phrase a lot “You’re doing it wrong.” Just as dry and monotone as I can manage. If it’s timed perfectly, I can’t amuse myself better any other way. Your assignment is to  find the best possible photo you can of someone or something “doing it …

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    Storytelling Collage


    Telling a story in a collage, creating a story for someone to view


    3 Points!

    Top Left:

    My brother and I head to the dock at 5am to pick up the boat. Our friends at the marina grab the crane and our boat is being lifted out of the …

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    What’s In Your Bag?


    Your purse, bag, packpack, murse, whatever, is your constant companion throughout your adult life. What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.


    3 Points!

    Above is a picture of some …

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    Still Shots of Noir


    My fist still was taken in a bathroom. You can see the shower curtain left barely open, the strange puddle of water seeping out of the shower, and the “forgotten” knife left on the toilet. Maybe this was work of a possessed, cynical cop killer. The shot portrays an extreme …

  22. bchristi1361

    Reflection on Noir Films


    Killer’s Kiss

    The first film I watched was Killer’s Kiss. Killer’s Kiss does an amazing job of capturing noir characteristics and they are all over the place in this film. To start off with setting I did a little research and found that, Kubrick the director of this film, started …

  23. bchristi1361

    Experience with Photography


    To start off, I love photos. My dad has been an active photographer nearly his whole life and growing up around his love of photo taking I have most definitely taken interest in the “sport”. I call it a sport because to me there’s so much that goes into it …

  24. bchristi1361

    Alternative Ending


    Ole Andreson was lying on the bed with all his clothes on. He had been a heavyweight prizefighter and he was too long for the bed. He lay with his head on two pillows. He did not look at Nick. “What was it? ” he asked. ” I was up …

  25. bchristi1361

    10 Seconds of Thanks 2.5 Stars


    1. Using a timer, write what you’re thankful for in just 10 seconds! Anything and everything that you can think of being thankful for is fair game, but stop at 10 seconds.
    2. Share what you’ve written on a blog, wiki, or some other digital space that others can comment …

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