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    Monologue of a Household Tool 4 Stars


    Sundays are the worst. The sun rises, the car backs out of the garage, and I know its that time of week. Its July 13th, 2014, 93 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I’m rolled down the drive way and onto the thick, tall grass. Old Jim starts …

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    Gambino De Luca


    Introducing Gambino De Luca

    Born: June 20, 1921 Status: Single Occupation: Mafia Leader Lives in: Sicilia Height: 5′ 9″ Weight: 176lb Hair: Black, greasy but well groomed Eyes: Brown, thick bushy eyebrows Skin: Tan and wrinkly Nose: Broad and crooked Teeth: Yellow with 2 missing on front left

    Standing at …

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    The Killers, Ernest Hemingway


    This blog posts regards “The Killers” by Ernest Hemingway. First off, the title itself screams noir and the author, Hemingway, portrays noir wonderfully. The setting of the diner being quiet and dark also fits the noir theme. To me, this short story was somewhat challenging to read and hard to …

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    Weekly Summary January 17, 2015


    The first week of #ds106 was interesting to say the least. My freshmen year at UMW I was enrolled in a freshman seminar that required the use of Domain of ones own. This was very helpful in speeding up the process of getting my domain going. My domain is up …

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