1. @Becca82037979

    Reflection of Week 4


    Hello again!! This week was super cool as I learned how to both code in CSS and HTML, which I did not even know existed. I knew of python and Java but I had no idea that there were more languages. I used the computer system called code academy to …

  2. @Becca82037979

    The Unique Life Of My IPhone


    Hello again! This week I made a timeline about my Iphone. It was actually very fun and interesting to look back on all the events that me and my phone have gone through together. I actually started to have a hard time picking out the events that I wanted …

  3. @Becca82037979

    T/F: COVID-19 came from a woman eating a bat?


    This week my fellow group members and I researched the very popular myth that coronavirus came from a chinease woman eating a bat. This myth originated from a video of a chinease woman eating “Bat Soup” and holding a dead bat with her chopsticks. This video blew up and has …

  4. @Becca82037979

    Reflection of Week 2


    Woohoooo! Another week checked off and onto a nice relaxing weekend. I hope everyone is finding some joy in the weekends as we are finally entering phase 1 and leaving quarantine.

    This week I touched on a couple things, YouTube what it is/ where it came from and what different …

  5. @Becca82037979

    What a week!


    Week one has finally come to an end! Woooo!! I hope everyone has had a great week in these weird Corona Virus times. I sure have been busy due to the fact that I am taking 2 classes this summer “minimester”. It is crazy how 1/5th of this class is …

  6. @Becca82037979

    Hello World!


    Hello! My name is Becca Pullen, I am a rising Junior at Mary Washington down in Fredericksburg, VA as well as on the Womens Lacrosse team there. I am very excited about this summer mini semester and getting to know a little bit more about what its like in the digital world.…

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    This was an INCREDIBLE time in American history. So many revolutionary events occured especially in technology. The portable phone was created as we know today as the Cell phone. Although these phones do not resemble ours today. Boy have we come far since then. The phone looked like a big …

  8. @Becca82037979

    Reflection Week#1


    Hello Blog! This week was way more hectic than I was expecting, props to all of the bloggers out there that have also gone through this! I never thought creating a website would be easy but it was just so darn tedious. Did anyone else have the issue that when …

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