1. @BegaKayla

    Week 3 is In The Books


    This week we spent a lot of time writing, and writing, and writing. While writing has never quite been my strong suit I did enjoy this week. I liked the freedom that we had in picking which writing assignments we wanted to do and how creative we were allowed to …

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    Sixteen Candles


    Growing up I remember watching the movie Sixteen Candles over and over again with my now 16 year old sister. We loved it, we hung on to every scene of the movie with anticipation like we were seeing it again for the first time. The writer knows how to keep …

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    A Letter To Myself (2 and 1/2 stars)


    Dear 10 year old Kayla,

    Never give up your dreams. If there is one thing that you should know it is that sometimes it’s impossible to please everyone no matter how hard you try. You are STRONG. You are SMART. You are BRAVE. Don’t waste your time hanging on every …

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    Another (Beautiful) Day (4 stars)


    We live in such a beautiful world. Yes, there may be broken things around us but there is something so simple about being able to walk outside wherever you may be and look at the trees or the clouds. I recently just booked an Air B&B in the great smokey …

  5. @BegaKayla

    Spending time being creative


    This week we were challenged to do 3 daily creates! I found these fun and only taking a few minutes out of my day so it was good to incorporate some form of digital studies into my daily routine.

    @ds106dc #tdc2937
    Gen Z's always wearing bling,
    People who blog being …

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    2nd week in the 80’s


    This week was fun! I feel like we got to be more creative and interpret daily creates/ assignment banks however we wanted. I went out of order this week and started off with personalizing my blog and making it really reflect me. I chose to use a plant theme as …

  7. @BegaKayla

    Being Creative Daily?


    This week we were challenged to get our brains following with creativity and do an assignment that the Daily create twitter page posted that day. I had a lot of fun with these as they usually didn’t take a ton of time but didn’t have straight forward rules and allowed …

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    Just Keep Dreaming (My Dream Room)


    For my last assignment from the assignment bank I chose one that I have been doing for years. The assignment was to create a Pinterest board with photos of things that I would like to have in my dream bedroom. For the convenience of people reading this I will post …

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    80’s Radio Commercial- Sweet Treats


    For another one of my assignments I chose to make a 80’s radio commercial featuring a item of the 80’s that I choose. For this, I chose to do one of my personal favorite creations of the 80’s, the Mr. Frosty Slushy Maker. This machine was created around the same …

  10. @BegaKayla

    Six Eyes


    For one of my assignments chosen from the assignment bank I picked something called the “Averaged Portrait”. The assignment was to take multiple photos of someone and to put them together to make an unconventional portrait. This assignment was so fun!! I got to pick the poses, how they aligned …

  11. @BegaKayla

    Week 1 Reflection


    I struggled more than I thought through this week. I have never been a huge social media person so other than instagram and slightly twitter I hadn’t had any prior experience with them. The main issue that I kept having was that I found things didn’t publish right away or …

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    The 80’s!!


    When I think of the 80’s the first thing that I think of are the different types of music, dance, movies, and fashion styles. All throughout the 80’s we saw Michael Jackson single handedly work to rewrite the music industry. My parents used to always listen to him in the …

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    DS 106 Intro


    Hi everyone! My name is Kayla Bega, I am so excited to get to learn about everyone and work together to make the most out of this course. I am currently a Junior at the University of Mary Washington where I am a Sociology major and also in the College …

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    Example Post


    A post is where you could make a portfolio item. Make sure to use a Featured Image so that way it looks nice on your site!…

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