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    Getting my Post On…

    I have just had a hard time getting on a computer these last few days, but I have been busy, busy, busy. The thing is that MY GOAL this summer had originally been to organize my lesson plans and piles of papers. And since getting back from San Francisco I’ve…
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    A Very Busy Week


    When I got back to the hotel yesterday after the close of the conference I fell asleep sitting up in front of the laptop. I just needed to reset. So much info packed into five days, so much extroverted energy and my little introverted self was done, ready to shut …

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    Sylvia Plath’s Opening Line


    The opening line of The Bell Jar reads it was a hot, sulty summer, the summer they killed the Rosenbergs, and I have no idea what I was doing in New York.

    1953 was also the year Eisenhower took office and Charlie Chaplin left the United States, never to return.…

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    I Used to Want to be a Filmmaker


    This week’s video assignment fell on the same week I needed to travel for work to San Francisco and attend a conference on Responsive Classrooms. It’s a five day conference, with nine co-workers. Here, let me make an illustration:

    I really wanted to be that person who was on top …

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    Little Red Hen


    This story happens to get my sister upset whenever it is mentioned. She can not understand why the hen eats all the bread herself in the end. She would have made friends, and had some help for the next cycle of planting and harvesting if she had. Still, it was …

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    Achievement Unlocked


    Sunday I finished my 14th journal. Now, I’m going to warn you, I’m about to get my brag on.

    Does anyone remember when this book came out in 2002? Well, it says a lot about my life at the time that I never finished this book but that I think …

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    An Ode to the Ideal Woman

    I’m sensing a theme in my art this week. Feminity. Objectification. Romance. A mix bag really of cultural expectations and the way I define my own sense of beautiful. The assignment this week was to take two songs and mash them together into a conversation. 

    I decided to use Cake’s Short…
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    Not your Grandma’s Book


    Today’s daily create got me super excited, and once I checked my bookshelves I knew I had found the perfect book to update.

    Seriously, am I the only one noticing how overly sexualized we are making young women look these days (I realize my picture is for an “adult” halloween …

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    OKay, okay, now you can Reflect


    I think one of the most important things I have been able to do for myself is learn how to appreciate my anxiety. No, I have not found a cure but rather by appreciating it for the primal, alert system it is I have been more successful in using it …

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    Sounds of the Apocalypse (not really)


    Normally this would have been the assignment I tried to get out of but I just jumped in. Instead of trying to repeat myself I did ask my wife to help out and I think it was awesome. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons sounds much better but I appreciate their help …

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    First Surprising Lesson


    I’m much more at home reading a book and writing an essay. But when I look at how writing is changing, how the Internet and Computers are changing the way we write, I want to push myself to create more like that. According to Lankshear and Knobel (2007) “even the …

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    To Boldly Go Forward

    “When we say that new literacies involve different “ethos stuff ” from that which is typically associated with conventional literacies we mean that new literacies are more “participatory,”“collaborative,” and “distributed” in nature than conventional literacies. That is, they are less “published,” “individuated,” and “author-centric” than conventional literacies. They are also…
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    Today’s ONLY Thursday


    It’s never too early to Reflect on How Things Are Going:

    I feel so exhausted, but mostly that has to do with all the adulting I’m doing up in here.

    Clean the bathroom, run the errounds, cook the meals, wash the dishes, flosh.

    Read a friend’s textbook and give feedback… …

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    And I’m happy, oh so happy!


    It’s important to focus on the positive things. The things that are going right. That are there for you even when you are having a hard day.

    Here are three things I am very grateful for right now :)

    Still nervous I am not tagging my posts correctly but hey, …

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    Trying to link it all together


    Crash course in speaking computerese.

    There’s a checklist, all these different sites, all these different links

    All these checkmarks to tick off as we go.

    Sure could use a lifeline

    and a drink……

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    Excuse me but you have something on your face…

    I can’t wait to go gray. To look like a matron, a seasoned woman, tough and no-nonsense. But the light brown or dirty blond hair I have seems to have other plans for me. The short mop top I’ve got; messy curls, limp/fine locks, surprising responsive to humidity. I grew…
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    Look at that! A Clean Room


    Last day of school was June 3rd – and I spent most of my time trying to keep these two groups of girls from “throwing down”, two minutes before the final bell rang – total fistfight in the hallway. I know I’m going to miss those 12 year-olds but it’ll …

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    Reading the Syllabus


    Slowly making it through the 12 page syllabus for this class… had to look up a techie term AND a for real word! (Iteratively=Repetitively) 

    But I’m glad because it gives me a chance to get a head start on some of the assignments. After June 3rd I feel good about …

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