1. @Bendire Thrasher

    A Dark Valentine


    “Use one of your favorite poems as inspiration for a poster. Edit an image or create your own background using any photo editing software, add the poem, and make sure the background exemplifies the poems message. Get creative and have fun!”


    Alright, please bear in mind my history. Today …

  2. @Bendire Thrasher

    And For My Next Trick…


    I will make it through one more week.

    So, in summary.

    I really enjoy doing daily creates. The small yet potent doses of creativity, captured in a photo or a few sentences, are pills of pure serotonin. I love the potential of each little story, without having to work too …

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    Words For the Meal, Photo the Aftermath


    It’s a black plastic base, rectangle-shaped with a clear lid that lets me see the prize inside. Ten pieces of sushi, circular, and lined up in pairs. The last two in the lines are the end pieces and thin slices of carrots rise out of them like orange vines. The …

  4. @Bendire Thrasher

    Folk(s with) Tails: What is Normal Anyway?


    All baby capybaras derive effervescent flight gifts. However, ill-meaning jackalopes kick sneakily low-riding minotaurs, never offer pardons, quite regretting silly trifles. Usually, vexations with xeruses yodel ‘zap’.

    For context,

    Capybaras a jackalope statue of a minotaurs a xeruses

    “Create a story that uses words that begin with the letters of …

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    Dum-Dums are my Marlboros. 


    I am the kind of artist that doesn’t smoke. I know that might sound strange but for some reason, my mental image of an artist always has a cigarette in the frame. Just a plain nicotine cigarette, probably bought at the closest gas station or drug store, hanging on the …

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    Newbie Week: Summary


    Well, to begin with, I have about the digital knowledge of a screwdriver, which is to say I tend to go in circles trying to put fix things together.

    I started spiraling when I figured out how to make a website, then a subdomain, then stumbled around to try and …

  7. @Bendire Thrasher

    musings, on ‘goals’

    by bird

    I am not always the best at thinking up goals. Often, I find that once I actually begin an endeavor and spend some time actually doing it, my understanding not only of the task ahead but my understanding of my own abilities, change drastically. So here I will …

  8. @Bendire Thrasher

    Sir Bob of Ross, the painter


    “We can have any size stone we want in our world”

    -Bob Ross

    One of the repeated themes in this episode was the idea of ‘our world’ and ‘his world’. Bob Ross is very aware that we are making this world up as we go and that we have the …

  9. @Bendire Thrasher

    Hullo there,

    The instructions were to be legendary, but how to legendarily introduce someone not quite so legendary? {atleast not yet} mayhaps that means leaveing the introductions until later- alas, such is not to be so, hullo, i am bird…

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