1. Ben Rimes

    10 Seconds of Thanks


    It’s only 2 days until one of my most beloved holidays here in the United States, Thanksgiving. A day for families far flung around the country or close-knit to come together and be thankful for all that we are be blessed to have. Whether you’re thankful for your family, a …

  2. Ben Rimes

    Go Vote!


    Studebaker workers voting under the bleachers of a stadium in South Bend, IN circa 1950-1960.

    I’m a sucker for performing important civic duties…..and black and white photography. So I decided to craft this impromptu voting poster today with the help of the United States Library of Congress and their awesome …

  3. Ben Rimes

    Pulling Off an Online Book Club


    There’s less than one week to go before the first discussion in what is increasingly my complex attempt to encourage the internet to force me to read a book. It started with the a simple concept; Ben doesn’t read books anymore (I’ve read 1 book this year cover to cover, …

  4. Ben Rimes

    Help Ben Rimes Read a Book, Please!


    It may come as a shock to many of my educational colleagues and friends, but I’m not “a reader.”

    Alright, so that’s a bit too blunt. I do read a lot online; magazine articles, blog posts, emails, and other “short form” digital media clippings. When I say I don’t read, …

  5. Ben Rimes

    Multitask This!


    Kid these days…

    They can text rings around us adults, figure out the most complex of technical devices, and multitask so fast that keyboards are in danger of spontaneous combustion from all the furious clicking of keys, right?

    Wrong! I have yet to see any students exhibit on a mass …

  6. Ben Rimes

    Flickr + Freesound = FlickrSounds


    by Nickym007
    Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License
    Your browser does not support the audio tag.
    kitten19.wav What you’re seeing (and possibly hearing) above is the result of some rather clever code & mashup work done by John Johnston, an amazingly creative ICT Development Officer (which is U.K. speak for “educational technology…
  7. Ben Rimes

    How To: Photoshop Magic Lasso


    I’m not much one for creating “how to” videos, at least not ones that I share publicly on a regular basis, but I felt as though I owed it to some of the people whose blogs I’m following to help out a bit with the monolithic application that is Photoshop. …

  8. Ben Rimes

    Sliding into Summer


    The end of the school year is always difficult for me. Whether it’s due to the fact that I’ve lived my life by the typical North American school calendar stretching back as far as my memory will take me (K-12, then college, followed immediately with my first teaching job), or …

  9. Ben Rimes

    Slow Life Down with Photobooth


    lazy weekends call for lazy art, right?

    It’s the weekend, time for a few errands, grocery shopping, mending a bit of that landscape edging you promised your wife you’d get to a month ago, and spending some time with the kids. Truth be told, our weekends are usually all sorts …

  10. Ben Rimes

    Captain America at Work


    Of course, Captain America would choose the BGY-11 as his background. They're both as American as apple pie.

    What does Captain America do when not saving the world from crazed Nazi scientists? We know he served his country as a part of the U.S. armed forces, and is an integral …

  11. Ben Rimes

    Dear Obstinate Learners


    Sean Astin and Kevin Bacon starred in a film back in the late 80s titled White Water Summer. What starts as a rather innocent summer camping trip meant to help shape a few young men’s outdoor survival skills while teaching important life lessons, turns into a battle of wills. …

  12. Ben Rimes

    Serenity Now!!!


    I’m a huge fan of the Seinfeld TV show. Despite being in middle school when the show first aired, as I began to understand the world with a bit more cynism and farce as I entered high school, Seinfeld came to be the lens through which I perceived the …

  13. Ben Rimes

    Audio, the Red-Headed Step Child of Digital Storytelling?


    Of all the various ways one could weave a digital story, I’ve noticed that audio seems to be the least favorite medium of both educators and students. Video is by far the king of the digital storytelling spectrum, followed very closely by still images and text based stories. Podcasting has …

  14. Ben Rimes

    4 Icon Challenge in the Classroom


    I recently had the opportunity to spend a day in my old teaching position; an elementary technology class. I was always big on working with media when I taught the class for the 4 years I was in the position, so I took the opportunity to give the students a …

  15. Ben Rimes

    Who Watches the Watchmen?


    Who watches the watchmen? If teachers are to be held accountable now for every single result that their students achieve on any and all testing, who makes sure that every single teacher in a school building is bringing their “A” game every single day? If it falls upon the administrators, …

  16. Ben Rimes

    My Animated GIF Day


    Cheerios, the breakfast of middle class families across America!

    Friday, February 10th, 6:15 AM: We interrupt this regularly updated ed tech blog for a series of animated gifs. Consider this experiment in digital storytelling an indication that I’m thoroughly lost in the labyrinthine halls of ds106. Come back throughout …

  17. Ben Rimes

    Playing Devil’s Advocate Through Imagery


    not necessarily my own opinion, just exploring a point

    I have a pathological need like to argue. It’s something that I was apparently born with, as my mother insists at a very young age I was quite obviously cut out to be a lawyer. Despite my best efforts at self-monitoring …

  18. Ben Rimes

    Hover Boards as Digital Storytelling Devices


    "Hey McFly, you bojo! Hoverboards don't work on water!"

    What is digital storytelling? Rather than bore you with a rather lengthy history of the term, and how it has been applied in the past to both the realms of education and entertainment, allow me to illustrate how I see it …

  19. Ben Rimes

    Four Recursive Practices for Teaching and Learning



    I don’t expect a lot of people to read this post, let alone actually click on the title in genuine interest. It’s not that I don’t think the meta-cognition that takes place around teaching and learning isn’t important, it’s just that many educators I encounter on a daily basis …

  20. Ben Rimes

    Fantasy TED Talks – The Dude Abides


    TED talks are passe, TEDx events are small potatoes, and TED-ED hasn’t really taken off yet. So why not create your own Fantasy TED Talk? Well, you can at least visualize your own ideal fictionalized TED Talk with the help of a few images and your favorite image editing software …

  21. Ben Rimes

    “Nom Nom Nom Cookies!” – Friday Morning Poetry


    As a way of introducing more creativity into my daily routine, I decided to act on an impulse Wednesday night while making sugar cookies for a gathering at school the next day. My wife was helping me clean up from 3 hours of rolling, cutting, and baking up some of …

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