1. Ben Rimes

    Autumn Memory


    This past Thanksgiving break was one of the most relaxing, peaceful, and downright memorable holidays I’ve had in a long time. Among the highlights of the break were homemade cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving Skype session with relatives in South Carolina, crepes for brunch, driving around Chicago with my brother while car …

  2. Ben Rimes

    10 Resources for Copyright and Royalty Free Media


    A long time ago, in a pre-computer media landscape when copying and pasting meant you actually got to play with scissors and glue, teachers and students created multimedia projects with little regard to copyright law. Images from magazines, corporate logos, and other media were used with reckless abandon to create …

  3. Ben Rimes

    Easy Four Icon Challenge


    Guess the movie based on these four icons

    What better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon while waiting for a batch of applesauce to cook down then make lazy art? My previous attempt at the ds106 Visual Assignment didn’t fit neatly into the assignment’s paramaters, and I’m perfectly alright …

  4. Ben Rimes

    Hunting Trolls in History


    Don't worry, everything about this digital artifact is supposed to be wrong.

    At the great risk of people thinking that I am either a very poor student of history, or a closet racist (both of which I can strongly assure you I am not), I created this digital artifact as …

  5. Ben Rimes

    My 1200 mph Commute


    If anyone was a fan of “Out of Control”, the wacky Dave Coulier hosted show on Nickelodeon, they’ll probably remember a segment known as “Hurry Up!”. During the segment, Dave would take a video clip submitted by a viewer, and “hurry up” a portion of their day that was …

  6. Ben Rimes

    Falling in Love…..with Laundry


    My official experience with the reality-altering course that is ds106 may be over, but my love for creation has not diminished in the least. If you’ve ever let your mind wander while laboring through some menial task such as weeding the garden, scrapping paint, or doing laundry, then you’ll understand …

  7. Ben Rimes

    30 Minutes @ Work in 90 Seconds


    I’m a teacher, an educator, an educational technology coordinator, an instructional technologist……I work for a school. That’s usually how I introduce what it is I do to people these days, as my true job is actually quite difficult to explain. Not just from the standpoint of everything I’m involved with, …

  8. Ben Rimes

    Ozzy’s Crazy Carousel Ride


    No, this post doesn’t a clever title, comparing pop culture icon Ozzy Osbourne’s career to an out of control carousel ride. It’s an attempt to create a discordant piece of media that both confuses and delights viewers. In reality, it’s a secret assignment that I’ve been wanting to submit to …

  9. Ben Rimes

    Blackborg Collective Assimilated!



    click the image to visit my parody of Blackboard's acquisition

    It may not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed my thoughts and ramblings since the inception of my blog, but I am NOT a fan of “walled gardens”. I like my classrooms to be as open …

  10. Ben Rimes

    Eat Your Veg!


    "big caption" assignment from ds106

    Yes faithful readers, submitted for your eyes is another ds106 assignment, this one focused on taking an image from the Boston Globe’s Big Picture website, and adding either a humorous caption or comment on the image. While it’s easy to make light of some of …

  11. Ben Rimes

    What’s Inside Ben Rimes


    poster based on the regular Wired magazine feature entitled "what's inside"

    An integral part of the ds106 course that I’m taking at the moment is that participants are encouraged, even expected, to submit their own ideas for assignments. Rather than just wait around for the instructor to hand us our …

  12. Ben Rimes

    An “Average” Day with DS106


    averaged composite of colors taken from 50 recent ds106 images on flickr.

    For those that have been sending me tweets, e-mails, voicemails, and carrier pigeons trying to figure out what exactly ds106 is……I’m sorry. It really can’t be explained.

    That’s not to say I haven’t tried! However, the sheer preponderance …

  13. Ben Rimes

    Remixing the Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    As a part of the most excellent ds106 course, I’ve been exploring tools, media, and realities of education that I haven’t had the ability to explore in quite some time. Despite the fact that my recent master’s program had me digging deeply into constructivism, social networking, and exploring the …

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