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    I watched a youtube video of disneys  interpretation of copyright. It was talking about how copyright is illegall and shouldnt be redistributed unless asked by the rightful owner. On the other hand Larry Lessig’s TEDTalk  talks about different laws throughout history … Continue reading →

  2. betty

    My experience with tumblr


    I was inspired by Michael Brason Smith Jaws picture, with the tiles changing. His tumblr is cinemosiac. Today is the day I have actually made a tumblr account. My tumblr account is http://sofathera.tumblr.com.I played around with it by making four … Continue reading →

  3. betty

    A Girl’s Best Friend ……


    I’ve chosen these two projects because a girls best friend is her makeup, cellphone, handbag, car keys, fashion, and most of all taking a  Selfie. Before females take selfies, you can see all the makeup, maintained hair, and the way … Continue reading →

  4. betty

    Thumbs up with Nina


    My semester will be interesting with ct101 since this is my first media class. I like to be creative, so I will have to think of what types of gifs I can come up with every time. This class will … Continue reading →

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