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    Guinness Book Of World Records (REMIX)


    Hey there everyone! Thanks for clicking into another one of my blog posts discussing my work so far for this class. This week, we have been tasked with acquiring 8 stars worth of activities. Yesterday, I tried to do the BuzzFeed personality quiz assignment, but ran into some difficulties getting …

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    week 8 summary


    Hey there, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to be summarizing up my crazy week and showing you the work that I have to show for it. I’m not going to link my group’s final show, because I think we’re supposed to keep that under wraps, but everyone …

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    Week 2 show summary


    Hey everyone! It feels like it has been so long since I posted anything to my blog. This of course doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy at work doing my DS106 assignments! Today my group and I finished up our 30+ minutes of content for our broadcast coming up. I …

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    Week 7 summary


    Hey guys, I’m going to keep this summary short and to the point, because, spring break. 99% of all of my work for this week was already discussed in great detail on my show progress update post, because I used my stars for this week to create things for the …

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    Movie scene – No words


    Hey there everyone, I have spent the past hour and a half working on my final 4 start for this week. The assignment I chose to do was one that nobody has attempted in the past. I think it is strange that nobody has at all, but then again it …

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    Show Progress Update


    Hey everyone! Today I’m checking in to share an update on my progress so far this week towards our group’s project. In terms of teamwork- everything is as good as can be. My group and I have been working well together, interfacing about different ideas and weighing pros & cons. …

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    New show, new bumper


    Hey everyone, yesterday afternoon I was working on a new bumper for our upcoming show. Today while I was re-reading the weekly assignments I realized I could apply some of my stars for this week to that very task. Because of the fact that I designed the bumper for our …

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    Design DS106


    Hey there everyone, today I’m checking in today with another design assignment for week 7. My task for today was to create and design an item that could be used to represent our class. The route that I took was to design a shirt that could be worn by our …

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    Rad.io show poster


    Hey everyone! I’m here today to talk about my group and I’s upcoming radio show, and to get you excited enough to tune in for our chunk of airtime! I’ll lead with what you clicked for, the poster design:

    We don’t know what time our chunk of audio will run,…
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    Live and Let Design – Week 6


    Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog for another weekly summary. This week, week six, we focused on design elements of our human experience. I started this week with a pretty loose concept for what design really was. I had an idea, but now that I’ve read decent chunks of …

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    Design Blitz


    I had a lot of fun doing the design blitz this week, I don’t do a lot of things where I end up in a position where I can take a photo of something well designed, but I tried my best to snag a few good photos throughout the week. …

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    Design Thoughts reflection


    Hey everyone, today I’m working on another blog post for week 5, and it is about the elements of design that we interact with throughout human existence.

    After reading through decent portions of the two assigned readings about design, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what …

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    The Ultimate Logo-Merger


    Hey there everyone, it’s me again, with another completed weekly assignment. This one gives me 4 stars, which puts me well over the 12 star target for this week. This logo merger assignment is something that reminds me of a daily create that we had near the start of the …

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    Midnight Vigil, P.I.- Logo Design


    Hey there everyone! I hope you’re having a great and productive Saturday. I have spent a lot of my time working on our assignments for the week, and I’m looking forward to getting some more done.
    So far, I am very much enjoying this design-centric week.

    This next 4-star assignment …

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    Audiofinger weekly summary


    Hey there everyone. This is my weekly summary for week 5 of our class, DS106.

    Sounds are things that a lot of people take for granted. Sure, we learn that they are one of our 5 senses growing up, but not a whole lot of emphasis is placed on it …

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    Ds106.radio thoughts


    Good afternoon everyone, in this post I’m going to be discussing my thoughts on the DS106.radio shows that aired on MT and Thursday. Unfortunately, I missed the Wednesday show because I totally forgot about it and I was in bed by the time the show aired.

    Nonetheless, I very much …

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    All the Relaxation


    Hey there everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today, to finish up my final 2.5 stars for the week, I went and tried my hand at creating a relaxing beat that could be ‘looped for ten hours’. I hope that when you hit play, you hear something that you think …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    Hey there!

    According to the week five assignment sheet, as a class, we’re gearing up to host our very own online radio show. I tried to check out the online radio stream, but it didn’t seem to be playing anything at this moment. I’m not sure if that’s something …

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    Radio Bumper


    Hey there everyone! I just finished up editing my radio bumper for #DS106Radio. I had some fun doing it, but I wonder if it’ll ever get airtime. I used a air horn to reel in the intro because it is something that is done a lot on the radio channels …

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    A conversation in Italy

    Listen to this short audio story with headphones before continuing:
    Who is involved? What is happening? Stay tuned.

    Thanks for listening to my short ‘wordless’ story. I consider this to still be my wordless short story– despite the people speaking in Italian; because they provide no actual narration to …

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    Week 4 – Summary


    Hello all, and welcome back to another riveting conclusion of my week’s endeavors in DS106! Photography was something that used to be a much larger part of my life, which I discussed at length on my photo blitz challenge post. Since high school, I have grown out of it. …

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    Close up guessing game


    Hey there! Welcome back to my blog. Today for three stars, I’ve got a game for all of us to play. Following this paragraph, there will be three photos that I took at various points throughout my day. The first photo will be a very close up photograph of …

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    Selfie with a pet


    This was a simple and quick assignment- can’t complain about something like that to knock some quick stars off of my to-do list. Coming in at 2.5 stars as of today, the original prompt can found here.

    Here’s the best one I got from my attempt at this, turns …

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    Before and after the end


    Today, for a four star assignment, I took on
    Visual Assignment 2172. “Before and after the apocalypse”, the task is to juxtapose two pictures and to not rely heavily on Photoshop to get it done. The majority of the differences in the photo were achieved with the lighting differences I …

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