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    Photoblitz Challenge

    Where the photoblitz began, 1 o’clock sharp. I took a picture of the screen because I thought it would have a more interesting background than just a screenshot. Prompt 1: Take a photo of a bird today. I went outside to look for a bird, but I couldn’t find one…
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    The visuals of storytelling


    Also: How does an image create a narrative by itself? How does an image tell a story?

    Photography used to be a larger part of my life than it is now. In high school, I spent a lot of time taking photos of my friends and fellow students for our …

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    Summary- Week 3


    This week has been by far my favorite week so far. Potentially the reason for this is a mix of the fact that writing is one of my favorite forms of being creative and that I was very proactive in getting the assignments done so that they didn’t conflict with …

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    The 6.1 Million-dollar man


    Son of Colt and Kathryn Luger, Richard ‘Rich’ Lancer grew up on the south east side of Boston. As anyone who was there in the early 70s will tell you, it wasn’t a nice place. Richard and his family grew up near Little Italy. His parents were killed by the …

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    Week 3 – Just another day


    I stepped outside a few minutes ago to take in my surroundings. I admit, it is not something that I do often anymore- but I appreciate the opportunity to do so every chance I get. My days are often a jumbled mess of deadlines, appointments, meetings, classes, and between all …

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    Week 3 – story analysis


    Jason Bourne: Where are you now?
    Noah Vosen: I’m sitting in my office.
    Jason Bourne: I doubt that.
    Noah Vosen: Why would you doubt that?
    Jason Bourne: If you were in your office right now we’d be having this conversation face-to-face.

    The bourne Ultimatum, 2007

    The story I have selected …

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    Week 2 summary


    Hello there, fellow agents! Week two is coming to a close, and now I get to take a moment to reflect on the things that I have learned, enjoyed, disliked, and accomplished overall.

    After intercepting and decoding a classified video stream between two operatives (which is now available on YouTube

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    Week 2 – Assignment 3


    “Share a quote (or quotes) from a reading you’ve done and explain what interests you about it.” – Quote Me on That

    These past few months, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into self-improvement. One of the things I have aimed for improving was the rate at which I …

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    Week 2 – assignment 2


    This post was inspired by my classmate, Riley’s post.

    The link to the original visual mashup assignment page is here. After seeing Riley’s post from above on the ds106.us class feed, I was inspired to try my hand at making a mashup advertisement- between two competitors. I had actually …

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    Week 2 – Assignment 1


    Hello there, fellow agents. As of today, I have decided to share a few unclassified photos of my private life with you, against my better judgement. Hopefully nobody will use it against me to blow my cover. Honestly, OPSEC has never been my strongest skill around the office. (Look, I …

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    Week 1 summary


    I was kind of surprised that I faced such a strong learning curve coming into this class. But since I’m not a big social media person, it wasn’t as bad to use the sites as I expected.

    Like I mentioned in my introductory post, I try to actively spend …

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    Secret agent theme thoughts


    Hey there, thanks for picking my post to read. I think the secret agent theme for our semester is overall very good. Given the fact that we aren’t forced to take the theme in any specific direction, I think it will be really fun to see which way the class …

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    Introductory post


    Hello there, welcome to my new blog. My name is Brandon. I’m a 20 year old new-ish transfer student, going into my second semester at UMW. For work, I am a Computer Scientist at NSWCDD (intern) and for fun I powerlift, ride my motorcycle, and hang out with my family. …

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