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    Today marks what may be, one of the greatest (or minimal?) days in the history of my time with digital media, because today, I have decided to make my own blog, on my own terms, without being forced by a college course to post about things that I really did …

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    Weekly Summary – Week Thirteen

    Week Thirteen

    It has been a wild ride for Claudia Rose and I, trying to uncover the mystery of this Jack case. Although it was tiring at times and I could barely carry myself to the bathroom, we finally made a resolution after multiple clues and pathways towards our target.…

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    Status Update


    So much has happened over the past week, here are some of my own recent statuses about this Jack case:

    Jeffery has given us some very valuable information

    — Sterling James (@TheSterlingJ) April 20, 2015

    Hopefully these clues will help me find our guy. Jeffery's brain did seem to be …

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    Weekly Summary – Week Twelve

    Week Twelve

    This week has started off with a different route than most of the weeks we have had before in this DS106 semester. As mention in the previous weeks, we were to make an agency that was to solve a specific case file. It was intimidating at first, but …

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    Status Update


    These past few hours have been quite exhausting, but our agency has found out a lot of valuable information that will lead us to solving this threatening situation. Thanks to many rumors that ended up being true and leading to more evidence. we discovered some more information about this humanoid …

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    The Rose Garden – Case Update


    With our new agency, The Rose Garden, blooming into its place, we have received a case by our DS106 informants to look into. There is a mysterious individual under the name of Jack who has been cold calling the instructors with suspicious messages. From our understanding, Jack is one of …

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    Weekly Summary – Week Eleven

    Week Eleven

    This week at first seemed a bit intimidating since we were asked to make another website specifically for our “agency”. We had the choice to work solo or in groups so I decided to be smart with this one and chose to work alongside Claudia Rose in a …

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    The Mysterious Agency


    I am unsure about what is going in the future of the DS106 world, but I have been informed to prepare for what is to come. In said preparation, I, Sterling James, have decided to work in a group rather than going solo for this one as I do not …

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    Kiss Me Deadly – Cinematic Analysis


    This week we were also asked to apply our knowledge of cinematography techniques and analyze a scene from a list of movies, I chose to analyze a scene from Kiss Me Deadly. I was originally going to record a voice over the video scene and talk about each aspect going …

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    Dinner Party at 6 – Radio Listen / Live Tweet Along


    On Thursday night I had the privilege in listening to the radio show Dinner Party at 6, and boy was it an interesting listen. Not only was it very creepy to say the least, but it caught my attention the whole way through, in an entertaining manner. I really enjoyed …

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    Final Radio Show Reflection


    As we near the end of our radio show projects, it is pretty easy to say that it was a small adventure for me, awkward at times yet really entertaining on the other end. I have to say that it was very rewarding to hear our own radio show (despite …

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    Weekly Summary – Week Eight

    Week Eight

    This week was a pretty steady week, nothing crazy, but I really enjoyed the idea of viewing other people’s works and websites as we were asked to do so. It feels relieving to be done with making radio shows and I can easily say it is easier to …

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    Inspired – Imrad Ahmed


    Imrad Ahmed’s post inspired me not only because it looked cool and hilarious, but his write-up for the blog post just made the image so much more appealing. His use of the gif brought me laughter, and I can honestly say that his personality in his blog alone inspires me. …

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    Inspired – Leanna Epps


    I ended up being a huge creep and visited this Leanna’s post twice, but in my defense this design was very well-done. I work with Adobe Illustrator a lot in my free time, so I truly understand the amount of time needed to created something like this. This post inspired …

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