1. bhavesh

    The Big Difference – Why???


    I don’t want to say anything, the picture says it all!!! Just crab the difference and try to get over this nonsense. We say, but we don’t execute it when it comes to cleaning up the society in terms of both roads and minds.…

  2. bhavesh

    Get out there and fail


    You might be thinking why I am telling you to get fail. Hahahah, I am not telling you to go out there and fail, but I am just asking you to accept the failure and get ready for a new try with a new positive approach. Your failures are your …

  3. bhavesh

    5 great wordpress plugins you should definitely use


    Use these best plugins and make your blogs better Make your wordpress blogging site more attractive, embed more features and make your site exceptional. Use the wordpress plugins and worry less about the functionality of the site. These plugins work on improving your content and provide value for readers and …

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