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    Bimina is a multimedia journalist. She has collaboratively produced and directed a half hour documentary “Reviving Nepal Bhasa” focusing on endangered culture and language of community of Newars, indigenous to central Nepal ( Click for Trailer ). The documentary premiered at the Hoboken International Film Festival in May 2015 and …

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    Bimina Ranjit 2015-02-12 06:42:27


    Bimina Ranjit is a graduate student of Journalism (Broadcast Concentration) from CUNY York College, Jamaica, Queens, NY.

    She freelances for Voices of NY an online publication at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, reporting original stories of south Asian communities in NY and translating Nepali/ Hindi articles to English.

    She has …

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    Bimina Ranjit is a graduate student of Journalism (Broadcast Concentration) from CUNY York College, Jamaica, Queens, NY.

    Bimina has worked as an production associate at CUNY Television, CUNY TV continues to be cablecast on Ch. 75 (Time Warner and Cablevision/ Optimum Brooklyn), Ch. 77 (RCN) and Ch. 30 (Verizon). she …

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    Picture collage (My life in a nutshell)


    The pics are great way to tell story and they are the best way to keep memories fresh, even though we are more into digital pictures and the old school pictures produced from the dark room are rare, pictures still are one of the best inventions of technology.
    This collage …

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    Final Project


    For my final project, we had an option to pic and choose what we liked the most of all the things we have learned in this class, for me i loved the fact that i now know how to mash videos and cut and edit them(even though I am still …

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    For my video assignment worth three stars, I did an Archetype of comic characters form kids cartoon. I grew up watching these chrecters and every single one of them is a part of my my growing up.

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    candy shop


    This is the video assignment for Advertisement Galore worth 4 stars…I took the video of 50 cents candy shop and M and M candy adverts and mashed them up together making it look like the same advertisement for candys.



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    Week four summary


    This week i learned to make a fantasy graphic image, fantasy where something is unreal and uncommon. I picked something really real which is my picture to represent the the surreal world. i changed the background and color saturation on the image to make it look out of this world. …

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    Creating a Graphic Gift


    For the graphic gift I choose a famous advertisement for Newport Cigarettes from the internet,

    I replaced the Cigarette box with Lollipop packet and replaced the cigarette he is holding to one of the lollipops from the packets. I changed the name of the Product ”Newport” to “Newpop” but i …

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    Week 3 summary !



    Week Three: GIF image, a piece taken from a YouTube video titled ”polite bear waves hello.” Making A GIF image was fun , i downloaded a Video to GIF converter to make this image.

    The bear waving really funny and cute video. Animals and babies videos are really viral …

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    Week one Summary


    I am starting very late for my week one summary because i have been very confused about what i am suppose to do for this class. My first week in this class was good because i learned how to build my own website and i worked on adding a lot …

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    capturing the sun !


    I took this picture when i was in Travis lake, Austin, TX few weeks ago, nature is so beautiful, I love how it can change a persons’s attitude.

    My friends and i wore bummed all day because it was really cold to be be out, but we drove all the …

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    CT 101


    My class CT101 !!

    I am so thankful to my CT 101 class that i have this opportunity to not only create my own website, but to be able to learn how to feed it. I felt technically handicapped a week ago and now i feel like i am beginning …

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    about me!


    Welcome to my page !

    Please check out the articles, poems and Videos, Still a learner so your constructive criticism is always welcome.




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