1. boscoe6393

    The Man Behind The Mask


    You may know him as the Darth Vader fanboy, but the masked man, Kylo Ren, takes his job in the First Order very seriously!

    Here is some recorded footage of Kylo hunting down a Masked Rider who is one of the leaders of the Resistance. The Masked Rider doesn’t put …

  2. boscoe6393

    Engl386 Reflection


    During the final week of class, we discussed Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods. We also briefly talked about the Gothic Horror genre and tropes. That made me ponder about the other comics and graphic novels that we read throughout the course and if they had some these tropes. The first …

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    Week 13 & 14 Summary


    Here is the link to my Daily Creates:


    Here is the link to my Remix Generator assignment:


    Here are the links to 9 stars worth of Remix assignments:



    Now here is my blog post about what I think of remixes:


    We spent the last two …

  4. boscoe6393

    What is a Remix?


    Did anyone else have the same revelation that I did when you learned about remixes? I never really thought about it before, but I guess I have remixed a lot of works. Like my most recent video assignments that I have completed were actually remixes in a way. The Taylor …

  5. boscoe6393

    Goku’s Growth


    Going from just a boy with a monkey tail who wants to win the martial arts tournament to being one of the strongest fighters in the universe due to his bloodline is a rather drastic change. As you watch the video, follow Goku’s growth in maturity and strength as he …

  6. boscoe6393

    This is The World’s End


    It was just a normal day for this group of friends until something went wrong. The world began to shake and split open. All Hell broke  a loose and now these guys are trying their best to scavenge and survive  while finding a way to be accepted into  Heaven. Little …

  7. boscoe6393

    The Life Of An Emo Kid


    This upcoming comic series is a What-If story about me. How would my life be different right now if I got piercings and dyed my hair back in middle school or high school? What if I decided to be stubborn to everyone and shut myself off from everything? What if …

  8. boscoe6393

    Being Stubborn with Myself


    I probably should’ve listened to myself. I stayed up all night watching stuff on Netflix and ended up oversleeping, so I missed out on some stuff I wanted to do. Oh well, now I know. For those that are reading this, I hope that you can learn my mistake.

    For …

  9. boscoe6393

    Masked Rider Clash


    The conclusion of a long battle is approaching. Each of the fighters only have a little bit of energy left in them before they can’t go on anymore. They both rise to their feet before leaping high into the air and screaming “Rider Kick” at the top of their lungs. …

  10. boscoe6393

    Karate Bugmen Compilation


    Rider Jump! Rider Kick! Watch as these guys with their fancy belts kick the butt of every bad guy in their path with their hands and feet. These buglike guys fight for justice to protect humanity from who the bad guy is. Each of them have their own unique powers …

  11. boscoe6393

    Shake It Off with Classic Music!


    Have you seen the latest viral video of Taylor Swift? She’s dancing to some Classical music and it fits surprisingly well! Both her and the background dancer. I wonder why she decided to take up Classical music instead of continuing what she was doing before. Maybe she is onto something …

  12. boscoe6393



    It’s 20XX. During the third World War, a nuclear bomb was dropped on Tokyo. The city was eventually rebuilt, but something strange happened to it. Biker gangs form different times appeared began to clash with each other over who had control over Neo Tokyo. One group of bikers had these …

  13. boscoe6393

    The Pie Caper is on the Loose!


    If you are going out today, watch out for that for the guy who is throwing pies in peoples faces! The authorities still haven’t been able to catch him and the footage above is his 10th victim! What you can do to protect yourself is to make sure you are …

  14. boscoe6393

    The Silent Suicide Squad


    Yesterday, I was going through my things and found this gem. It is footage from the Suicide Squad back when silent films were really popular. As you can see, the film is bit blurry and hard to watch. Probably from all of the wear and tear. If you look close …

  15. boscoe6393

    Akira in 13 Seconds


    Tetsuo! Kaneda! Tetsuo! Kaneda! You hear those names frequently throughout this film. You even hear those names said more than Akira’s name. However, these two names tell a story. A story about friends, brothers almost, who are having a conflict and one them is trying to stop the other from …

  16. boscoe6393

    Reading Movies and Film


    I’ve taken a Film Studies course during my  journey of being a Digital Studies major and I have to agree with Roger Ebert with pausing a movie constantly and studying it. I’ve personally done that during the film class for multiple assignments and it really helped. Pausing a particular scene …

  17. boscoe6393

    Radio Show Evaluations


    I really enjoyed the intro of the radio show.  For a second, I thought I was actually listening to the radio. Amanda did a great job with informing the viewer of what to look forward to. There is a bit of background noise, but it isn’t too distracting to me. …

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