1. bparsons

    Final Summarization


    My Final Project really brought my whole semester of ds106 together. I felt it really completed my whole blog/meaning of the semester. I frequently worked with my favorite movie, Finding Nemo. I would use pieces of the movie in random assignments. In my final project I tell the whole complete …

  2. bparsons



    For future students one of the main things is to do your work! Since my favorite party of the class was visual/design I choose to do this. I chose a fortune cookie because they are supposed to give advice and promising things. Basically just follow the weekly assignments perfectly. Make …

  3. bparsons

    The Big Finale


    The end is near for this class. For my final project I chose to continue with the Finding Nemo theme I had been using on other projects throughout the class. My ideas came together perfectly and I even added a few extras in.

    When Marlin saw Nemo being taken, he …

  4. bparsons

    Tutorial: Makeup Your pet


    The easiest way (I’ve found) is to use pixlr. It has a lot more options and effects than paint.

    1. When you go to pixlr.com you open Pixlr Editor (advanced). It then gives you a few options to upload from your computer, create new, etc… You want to choose …

  5. bparsons

    Adding to ds106: Daily Create


    It’s getting close to the Holidays, but I feel as if I have been so bogged down with work lately I haven’t had the time to appreciate them. So I decided to dedicate a daily create to it. It’s simple: Just take a picture of something that reminds you of …

  6. bparsons

    Tutorial: Watching movies with the stereo on


    This assignment is very basic, but there are some key parts. I will be using Windows Movie Maker for this assignment so there are some extra steps.

    Step 1: Choose a video and audio that could work well together (they have the same theme etc..)

    Step 2: Find this video …

  7. bparsons

    New Assignment Idea: Makeup your pet!


    I knew I wanted my assignment idea to involve some sort of animal. I feel there need to be more animal related assignments for ds106. I came up with the idea of “Makeup your pet”.

    It involves taking a picture of your pet and painting “makeup” on him/her. I do …

  8. bparsons

    Summarization #13 & #14


    Mashup week was actually one of the simpler weeks for me. I expected it to be difficult since this involved using more than one media and mixing them together. However, these assignments didn’t take me very long to do and I feel I got very good results. When I first …

  9. bparsons

    Consumer Mashup


    For the assignment Consumer Mashup I actually had a hard time thinking of something I buy a lot at one specific place. In fact, I couldn’t think of any examples for me. However,one of my friends used to always buy candy at this random CITGO. She would rarely buy candy …

  10. bparsons

    My World is Pink


    I came across the assignment What Color is your World? and thought it could turn out interesting. At the beginning of the semester (well it actually started last year) came up with a specific color combination we wanted to decorate our apartment in. Our main colors are teal with accents …

  11. bparsons



    I’ve never really thought about the idea of a remix. But, in today’s world I feel many artists are doing this.  They are taking older songs and making it their own through a remix. They add new things to it, but important pieces of this older song are still incorporated. …

  12. bparsons

    Final Project Ideas


    For the final project I chose to continue with Finding Neemo. I have used this movie in various other ds106 assignments and decided what better way to end the class! This movie is definitely my all time favorite and I feel the material in it is very versatile and can …

  13. bparsons

    Summarization #11 & 12


    Two weeks of video assignment week are over! Doing these assignments I realized that every little detail counts in a movie. If one title slide or the music is off it can throw the whole movie out of proportion. It also takes a lot to make these things perfect. I …

  14. bparsons

    Summarization #10


    Week 10 involved exploring videos. I am a huge fan of movies and find it very interesting to look into the production what is involved in creating such fantastic films. I am also looking forward to making my own videos and re-creating some of the classics.

    To prepare for the…
  15. bparsons

    More on the Pursuit of Happyness


    Many times the viewers of the movie don’t know or understand the details that go into making a movie. However, you can easily find these interesting facts through wikipedia or imdb. While I was further researching the movie I cam across many details about the making of this movie. …

  16. bparsons

    Pursuing Cinematic Techniques


    This was a very interesting way to approach critiquing techniques of visual and audio and how they come together in a movie. Cutting off the senses really makes one focus on the specific aspects that contribute to one technique rather that putting everything together at once. I chose a clip …

  17. bparsons

    My Tools are ready!


    I’m very familiar with video-watching tools that my computer has, however I am not familiar with any video-editing tools. This is un-chartered territory for me. But in preparation for this class I have put a list together of tools that I have. These include:

    M-PEG stream clip (beta) Windows Movie…
  18. bparsons

    The Beginning of Video Techniques


    I have decided to take this week preparing for videos very slow. I think the video aspect is a really interesting topic, as I really enjoy to watch movies. I have never really noticed any techniques or things when I watch a movie, just that everything (video shots, camera angles, …

  19. bparsons

    A Critique: Road Trip Radio

    Critique of Road Trip Radio: Quality of audio sound  -e.g. is the volume appropriate? are the levels even? Is the sound clear, and free of noises not needed (e.g. mouse clicks, background)? We did some separate segments and has some difficulty with audio levels. I did have to adjust…

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