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  1. braze

    Final Project

    It’s done!!!! The final project for this crazy class. This project was crazy and hectic but I think it turned out better than I imagined it would. I ended up working on this project with my friends Ashley and Gabby. We wanted to combine our host characters and make a crazy story that took place … Continue reading Final Project
  2. braze

    One Photo A Day

    For this mashup assignment I had to take one selfie everyday and combine them into a video. I decided to take up the part of my host character because I don’t typically dress nicely everyday and since she has a job she would look nice everyday. So here is my video of Eve Winters taking a … Continue reading One Photo A Day
  3. braze

    Trek Wars Mashup

    For this mashup assignment I had to mashup two iconic movie franchises. I chose my favorite two franchises Star Trek and Star Wars. In this picture Captain Kirk is helping the Jedis fight Count Dooku’s droid army on Geonosis. I chose this scene because the Jedi are trapped in a circle and there was a … Continue reading Trek Wars Mashup
  4. braze

    Weekly Summary 11/6/2015

    This week was crazy. I felt like I never stopped working on ds106 video assignments. I absolutely loved the daily creates this week. October 31sts daily create was to take a selfie and make yourself into a superhero. @ds106dc I AM IRON MAN!!!!! #tdc1392 — Bloody Face (@BloodyFace106) October 31, 2015 November 1sts daily … Continue reading Weekly Summary 11/6/2015
  5. braze

    Sign Language

    For this video assignment I had to spell out a word or phrase in American Sign Language so the viewers can guess it. I decided to relate it to our class by spelling out the name of a character from American Horror Story: Asylum since that is what my blog is based off of. Good … Continue reading Sign Language
  6. braze

    Story Time

    For this writing assignment I had to write a story starting with the ending and then going back to the beginning. I decided to write a story that combined my host character and two of my friend’s host characters. Bridget asks the Death Whisperer why she is in Johnny’s basement. The Death Whisperer replied “I … Continue reading Story Time
  7. braze

    Window Wanderer

    For this visual assignment I had to show what would be scary to see outside a window. I decided to use my friend’s host character, the Death Whisperer, because she is extremely scary. I took the picture of the Death Whisperer from my friend’s blog and cut out the background from the picture. I then … Continue reading Window Wanderer
  8. braze

    Abstract Face

    For this visual assignment I had to create something out of 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve. I decided to make this assignment about my host character’s older brother, Johnny, who becomes Bloody Face after following his father’s footsteps. I used 1 dot as the face, 2 dots as the eye holes in the … Continue reading Abstract Face

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