1. braze

    Advice for Future DS106ers


    First things first, if you thought taking this course would be an easy online A…have I got news for you. This class is a lot of work. That being said, it is a lot of fun work. If you throw yourself into the class you will get through it and …

  2. braze

    Final Project


    It’s done!!!! The final project for this crazy class. This project was crazy and hectic but I think it turned out better than I imagined it would. I ended up working on this project with my friends Ashley and Gabby. We wanted to combine our host characters and make a …

  3. braze

    Weekly Showcase #2


    Hey guys! This is your host, Eve Winters, and this week I wanted to focus on all of the hard work we have all put into this class. As we all focus our efforts on finishing our final projects, which all sound amazing and exciting, I wanted to look back …

  4. braze

    Final Project Week 1 Progress


    For our final project we are going to create a story where Ashley’s host character, Bridget Lloyd, was wrongfully imprisoned in Fogg’s Asylum. The entire story takes place in the asylum and my host character, Eve Winters, is working there. There is a killer on the loose in the asylum …

  5. braze

    Weekly Summary 11/13/2015


    This week was really fun because mashups make you think outside of one genre while remixes force you to change the way something that has already been made. We had to do two remixes this week. I chose to make a prequel for my room and add Waldo to someone’s …

  6. braze

    One Photo A Day


    For this mashup assignment I had to take one selfie everyday and combine them into a video. I decided to take up the part of my host character because I don’t typically dress nicely everyday and since she has a job she would look nice everyday. So here is my …

  7. braze

    Sheldon Cooper Bazinga Moments


    The first, and most important, step to complete this assignment is to download Windows Movie Maker, or another video editing software of your choice. Once you have downloaded this, or another, software you can start brainstorming the character you want to do your assignment on and what scenes from the …

  8. braze

    Trek Wars Mashup


    For this mashup assignment I had to mashup two iconic movie franchises. I chose my favorite two franchises Star Trek and Star Wars.

    In this picture Captain Kirk is helping the Jedis fight Count Dooku’s droid army on Geonosis. I chose this scene because the Jedi are trapped in a …

  9. braze

    Talky Tina Head Swap


    For this mashup assignment I had to put Talky Tina’s head on something else. I decided to go with a popular meme:

    This assignment was tough because I didn’t know what I wanted to put Talky Tina’s head on. I asked my roommates and they pointed me towards memes and …

  10. braze

    What Are You Missing Nearby Remix


    For the original assignment I chose to use Kaitlin’s submission:

    You can see her blog post here. I then had to remix it:

    I then added Waldo into one of the pictures in Kaitlin’s original assignment. See if you can find him:

    I loved this assignment because I got …

  11. braze

    Room Tour Remix


    For the original assignment I had to make a collage of pictures of my room.

    I decided to use pictures of my room at home because my dorm room isn’t as nice. I then had to remix it:

    For the prequel I decided to use pictures of how my room …

  12. braze

    Eve’s Digital Diary


    For this video assignment I had to create diary entries as if I were my host character. I decided to create a mystery that Eve had to solve to make it fun.

    This assignment was really fun because I actually did one entry a night so it was almost like …

  13. braze

    A Day in the Life of Eve Winters


    For this video assignment I had to take videos and pictures of moments throughout my day and combine them into a video. I decided to take up the role of my host character Eve Winters for this assignment and documented her day through snapchat.

    I enjoyed documenting random moments of …

  14. braze

    The Real Dr. Oliver Thredson


    For this video assignment I had to a mini documentary on someone. I decided to focus on Dr. Oliver Thredson from American Horror Story because he is such a dynamic character. I decided to focus the beginning of the video on the kind man who is portrayed through most of …

  15. braze

    Mia Hamm Goal Instant Replay


    For this video assignment I had to find a video clip that I like and create an instant replay of the video clip. I decided to use my favorite soccer clip of Mia Hamm’s 108th international goal in 1999. I love this goal because it broke the record for most …

  16. braze

    Weekly Summary 10/30/2015


    I enjoyed this week more than I thought I would. I don’t normally like making videos of myself but I found the fun side to it and it’s not too bad. I did a video analysis of a scene from The Ring. This assignment was a bit ruff in the …

  17. braze

    Video Essay on The Ring


    For my video essay I decided to analyze my favorite scene from The Ring. In this scene Noah gets attacked by Samara, the ghost from the video, and dies. I always loved this scene simply because Samara comes out of the television which is awesome. You can watch the scene …

  18. braze

    Sign Language


    For this video assignment I had to spell out a word or phrase in American Sign Language so the viewers can guess it. I decided to relate it to our class by spelling out the name of a character from American Horror Story: Asylum since that is what my blog …

  19. braze

    DIY Home Decorating


    For this video assignment I had to make a commercial for a DIY project that I have done. I decided to work with Ashley Jackson on this assignment because we both did the same DIY project in our apartments and it seemed easier to have her introduce the idea so …

  20. braze

    Change in Tradition


    For this video assignment I had to make a video of something that I love. The thing I love most about my family is how we always follow traditions while also changing things up sometimes. The perfect example of this was Easter 2015 when we decided that my brother and …

  21. braze

    Weekly Summary 10/23/2015


    This week was a bit crazy since it was also Homecoming week but I ended up getting everything done. Listening to everyone’s show was really cool. I loved listening to the 3rd Millennium Countdown. The Daily Creates were really fun this week. October 21sts daily create was to make …

  22. braze

    3rd Millennium Countdown Review


    Not gonna lie, it was weird listening to my group’s show but not as weird listening to a classmate’s show as I thought it was going to be. I enjoyed listening to the 3rd Millennium Countdown because it was something different than just telling scary stories. I didn’t think I …

  23. braze

    Letter to Bridget


    For this writing assignment I had to write a letter to a friend. I decided to take on the role of my host character. I wrote as if I was Eve Winters and she was writing to her pen-pal Bridget Lloyd.

    I decided to write the letter in red because …

  24. braze

    Story Time


    For this writing assignment I had to write a story starting with the ending and then going back to the beginning. I decided to write a story that combined my host character and two of my friend’s host characters.

    Bridget asks the Death Whisperer why she is in Johnny’s basement. …

  25. braze

    Window Wanderer


    For this visual assignment I had to show what would be scary to see outside a window. I decided to use my friend’s host character, the Death Whisperer, because she is extremely scary.

    I took the picture of the Death Whisperer from my friend’s blog and cut out the background …

  26. braze

    Abstract Face


    For this visual assignment I had to create something out of 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve. I decided to make this assignment about my host character’s older brother, Johnny, who becomes Bloody Face after following his father’s footsteps.

    I used 1 dot as the face, 2 dots as …

  27. braze

    Weekly Showcase #1


    Hey guys! This is your host, Eve Winters, and this week I wanted to focus on reveling in the past. There is so much history in this great country and I find it fascinating to look back on.

    This is why I will be highlighting the best works from the …

  28. braze

    Weekly Summary 10/16/2015


    This week was super fun. I enjoyed the challenge of making a radio show and loved the group I was in. It seemed like every time we talked about our show we were all on the same page. I detailed how our group made our radio show and how we …

  29. braze

    Radio Show…Check!


    Luckily the radio show portion of this week was more simple than last week. It was more work, but since we had everything already figured out and outlined in our Google doc it was easier to get things done. We met once on Thursday to finalize our ideas and help …

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