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    German Snack/candy review


    Welcome to this review! I’ll just have you know before hand that I put some of the dates that I tried the items on the review, but I also couln’t remember some of the dates, so that’s what that is.

    Rating system:

    0-1: Tastes like shit, I can’t even finish …

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    I guess I’ll write something here if I ever feel like writing something again, or if I ever need a website again…

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    For this project, the assignment I chose to go with was the “Impress Me” route, where the assignment was to simply impress my professor. It took a while to actually think of what I wanted to do. To be honest I went to youtube to look for inspiration. My inspiration …

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    For this assignment, Buffalax, we had to take a video that is not in English and give it some English subtitles. I had a lot of fun making the subtitles part since I do this all the time anyway (listen to this music). It was the trying to get …

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    The “ABC” Savage Mashup


    In this assignment, Vocal Instrumental Mashup, we were meant to take the music from one song a pair it with another song’s vocals. I had a lot of fun with this one, but I think that one of the hardest parts was trying to find songs that have about the …

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    Rizzo Documentary


    For this assignment, Mini Documentary, we were meant to make just like what it sounds, a mini documentary. You were also meant to do someone not in your family, and not one of your friends. First, rude. Second, what stranger wants to tell another stranger their story? Now don’t …

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    Weekly Summary 10


    This week was all about video, and that is what I am finally glad about. I’m glad that we are finally getting to some of the reason why I came to this college, along with the majority of the class. This week we watched the documentary “The Winnebago Man” in …

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    I quite enjoyed the movie “The Winnebago Man”! Mostly to the part that I had already seen Winnebago man video online a number of years a go and I loved it then. Now it only reminded me how much I loved the video. I was nice to see what the …

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    *Insert Creative Title Here*


    In this assignment, Chipmunk Style, the objective of the assignment was to take one of your favorite scenes from a show or movie, or something and change the pitch so it would sound like they are chipmunks. I chose the scene from my second favorite, The Proposal, the scene …

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    Cringe Town…


    In this assigment, DS106ers React,  the objective of the assignment was to record yourself reacting to a video. Reaction videos are becoming really popular online. Even I am subscribed to a few! It kind of feels like you are watching a video with someone, or for me usually I …

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    My Thoughts? (Weekly Summary 09)


    For this week’s summary, I didn’t really create much, I more of reflected on what our class created. This week, we had our radio show broadcasted on ds106 radio! It was along with other students works which I really enjoyed! I liked hearing what the other students got to do! …

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    Radio Show Part II (Weekly Summary 08)


    This week we concluded our radio show, and we are going to have it broadcasted on DS106 radio! I don’t know the specific times yet, but I’m guessing we’ll find out. I really like our ( or Bill’s idea rather) of us doing basically a podcast of “Ask A Millennial”. …

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    Radio Show “Progress” Report (Week 07)


    This is getting close to the end of week one of our Radio Show and I am supposed to be giving an update to how that is going….pretty sure that we (as in the class) hasn’t actually recorded anything for our 5-7 minutes of material, but I’m sure that now …

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    Giving “Helpful” Comments


    This week were told to make comments on students/people’s tweets or blogs or anything related to Ds 106. Any work that they had done on Ds106. At first I’m going to be honest here, I comPLETELY forgot about this until like right now as it is Monday, October 10th, 2016 …

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    Rad.io Bumper Sticker


    For this assignment, I made a bumper sticker to promote our radio show that we are making. And since at the current moment, I do not know exactly when our radio will be broadcast across DS106rad.io, I didn’t add any specific details. I just promoted people to check in and …

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    What Genre?


    For this assignment, Remake That Genre!, you were meant to find a song from one genre and then find the same song but in a different genre. People may think that this is hard, but I found this to be fairly easy for an odd reason. Since I used …

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    Weekly Summary 06


    I know I say this every week, but I didn’t really have a lot of time this week. Maybe I’m just a busy person in general, and have a lot of other stuff to do, who knows. Anyway, instead of just complaining on how I don’t even have time to …

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    My “DesignBlitz”


    Okay to start off, on a completely unrelated note, for some reason I really don’t like the word “Blitz”. Probably because I don’t like words that have a Z instead of an S, but I digress….

    Since I am always crunched on time, I did my “DesignBlitz” in one day …

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    What Single is This?


    For the assignment, Name That Single, the action was to “Create a design for a favorite song by using just simple designs and NO WORDS.” Which I wouldn’t think would be too hard to do. I have plenty of favorite songs, I thought. I thought wrong. It took me …

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    Rocket Lan


    For this assignment, Event Advertising, we had to create a poster advertising an upcoming event. Since I already do this a lot, I thought I would just put a poster that I have already made for an upcoming event. You see, I am an “officer” of the KGB (K-State …

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    Weekly Summary 05


    This week I tried to be a good student for once and do my assignments early. It felt weird actually getting my work done early. And by that I meant some of the work. I was still crunched on time towards the end, however, I had a little extra time …

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    A Day of 16 Year Old Bri


    For this assignment, Teenage Angst, you were supposed to read an old diary or journal entry you wrote when you were a teenager. I mean I still am a teenager…but I did one from when I was 16 years old. In this assignment you were also supposedly supposed to …

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