1. @brimac106

    I Don’t Think You Can Guess


    For this assignment, Favorite Song, the action was to take your favorite song, and remove the lyrics. Since the assignment said to use one of your favorite song I decided to use my actual #1 favorite song. You were also suppose to play only around 30 seconds of it …

  2. @brimac106

    Clint Eastwood Has A Reason


    In this assignment, Dramatic Reading Remix, we were assigned to take a song and dramatically read the lyrics. Then put them with different music to make it sound different. At first, I misread the instructions and dramatically read a songs lyrics to the song’s own music. I did Eye …

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    Weekly Summary 04


    Even though this week I had negative time to work on things. Like this week every moment that I had free time, I would be doing homework and I was still pretty crunched on time. It seems I say this every week, but that’s the college life I guess. If …

  4. @brimac106

    A Colorful Lighthouse


    I took on the assignment, Splash the Color, and I think it was a lot of fun! I love messing with color in pictures. In this assignment, you had to have a black and white picture with one object or subject full of color. So, there was a “splash” …

  5. @brimac106

    My “Backyard” Shoot


    As this week I was crunched for time like no other, I couldn’t take my sweet ole time doing these pictures. However I did take some advice into account.

    I started taking pictures in my backyard. And by “backyard” I mean around campus. And by “around campus” I mean a …

  6. @brimac106

    What I think


    I did some slight research on Jim Richardson and thought that his work was amazing! First I looked at his National Geographic Photography, which I thought was amazing. I loved all the pictures of the different people, landscapes, and nature. Then I realized something. My friend has a smart TV …

  7. @brimac106

    Is Photoshop a Big Deal?


    Now days, you probably can’t find a magazine on the shelf that doesn’t have a photoshopped picture in it. It’s human nature to correct our imperfections. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it because I know it’s not real. However, for mothers out there that have their children looking …

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    Weekly Summary 03


    In the spirit of this being the 1946 week, the pictures are of my grandfather, Victor Backhus who fought in WWII. I remember he wasn’t shy to tell stories of his time in service and would speak of them often. However, sadly he passed away August 8, 2009.

    This week …

  9. @brimac106

    Progressive Thinking


    I am going to be discussing what I thought about the article “As We May Think.”

    As I “read” this article, it was really hard for me to focus in on it. It was just so long! So as I skimmed it there were some good points in …

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