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    Piktograph: not the easiest task!


    Our county fair is coming up, and a few of us teacher folk decided to add our own little spin on the county fair with a bale decorating contest. This doesn’t have much to do with my Independent Learning Project, although it is still tied to my job at the …

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    My Tech Usage Logging- too much?


    I was asked to record 5 different 15 minute tech using times throughout last week, and I was able to sit back and take note of what exactly I use my phone for most.

    Monday July 17- 15 minutes, checked Facebook and text messages. Sitting in my chair on my …

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    Being Mindful- The key to life?


    So when I think of being mindful, it takes me to my religious beliefs. I was always told to be mindful of the relationship you have with God and pay attention to the things He is trying to tell you throughout your days. This for some reason comes to mind …

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    Finally getting back into the library!


    After a bit of a hiatus from my library work due to the final cleanings of floors and reapplying wax to the halls and rooms of the school- I was able to get back in my library this last Thursday. I feel a little bit like I have been removed …

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    Just Google it!


    Have you ever googled yourself? The information that google can find is no doubt just as amazing as a personal investigator at times. In my case, I didn’t find that much information. Just your typical everyday information, who my relatives are, my address, how old I am, and an old …

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    ds106: Inspiring Digital Creativity


    I’m not going to lie, as soon as I popped on to the ds106 website- I thought okay there is no way my brain is going to wrap around this. I actually put it off most of the week and decided I needed to be in the right mindset to …

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    Giving this library new life…eventually


    Perseverance is the key, I believe in many aspects of life. If you just keep at it, you’ll reap rewards…eventually. “Eventually” has been the resounding word since I started working on the library revamp a couple weeks ago. “Eventually, there will be a reading area”, “Eventually, the reference book section …

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    Cultivate your PLN: Grow relationships


    Through social media you can have multiple “serendipitous encounters” a day, how you utilize these encounters is up to you. In reading “How to cultivate a PLN: Tips from Howard Rheingold” Chuck Frey gives  Howard Rheingold’s 8 handy tips to think about when trying to have the best people in …

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    .find a question and answer it.


    I believe questioning is one of the most amazing things our brains do. Questioning everything always, starts at a young age- believe me my children ask at least 200 questions a day. A couple of weeks ago, my son Quaid asked me about Indians and their connection to animals.  Yesterday …

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    What is the Secret to Happiness?


    There has got to be a secret to happiness, and everyone is in search of the answer to the secret. So what’s the secret? Shawn Achor poses the question “We believe we have to work to be happy, is that backwards?”. Shawn’s question is, I believe, a logical question. We …

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    Life Goal: To be happy!


    “When I grow up I want to be happy”, simply put and answered well by young LaPlante. He is an advocate for passion learning, and he calls is Hackschool. Until today, I had never heard of anything about “hacking” other than computer hackers that try to destroy programs and spill …

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    Not chalk and talk anymore!


    Technology advances everyday, and the ability to communicate with thousands of people from the comfort of your home is now the norm. Digital literacy is a way of communicating virtually, creating and sharing through different types of media and technology. “Not chalk and talk anymore!” Before technology advanced to the …

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    Life is always teaching, so LEARN!


    I haven’t ever been what I would consider a great learner, I didn’t like sitting in class listening to information that I didn’t think was relevant (although now, sitting in those same classes with my students- said information has become very relevant, and I’m amazed at how much I do …

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    Howdy, ya’ll!


    My name is Hannah Brott, a farm/ranch wife from Hayes Center, Nebraska. My husband Nathan and I have two kids, Quaid (6, boy) and Mayleigh (3, girl). We live to be around our cows and our other animals.

    -Mayleigh with our sweet farm kitten, Angel.

    – Quaid standing on a …

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