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    Where the story begins, Lincoln, NE.


    Home base since 2002.

    After winning the state title, November 15, 2009

    Region champion 2013.

    NCAA Regionals Fall 2013

    Fun run with friends.


    Well that is a wrap! My project did not turn out exactly how I intended to due to …

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    Final Project Update


    After what seems like a killer week with other classes and having the flu, I am making some progress on my project. I have finalized my plans and brain storming. I am going to stick with the idea of telling my life story but I have found ways to connect …

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    Final Project Brainstorm


    Since I am not a super creative person, I am thinking that I may just do my life story. I have done several assignments in the past about things I have done and places I have gone but I have not gotten into any of my childhood or experiences. I …

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    Emoji Remixxx


    The third and final assignment I did for the week was mashing emojis and friends! Regularly you would take an emoji and have a friend mimic that emoji, but with the remix I am supposed to introduce Dr. Seu
    ss into the assignment. So my idea was to take the …

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    This Doesn’t Belong Here GIMP Cutout Tutorial


    This assignment took me back to the Graphic Design week where I got a crash course in GIMP. If you are not familiar with GIMP, it is an open source software. The link to the download is available on our DS106 website. When I first downloaded it, it was all …

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    This doesn’t belong here, with a remix


    The second assignment I did for the week was remixing an image with another image inserted in there. Well the original assignment called for the second object to be as small and discrete as possible. Well in the Remix that it came up with, it says do the complete opposite! …

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    Two Movies, One Line


    The first assignment that I did for the week was to mashup two movie lines into one. The assignment can be found here:

    Two Movies, One Line

    When I started this assignment, I could not think of two one liners that could be mashed together successfully. Well thanks to the …

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    Weekly Summary


    While I have made it though these last two weeks, they have been my least favorite weeks of the class to be honest. I like audio and other things but this video is killer. Here is what I have done for the week!

    Assignment 1:

    Classical-Modern Mashup

    Assignment 2:


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    Daily Create 1: Badass Hulk


    The first daily create that I did this week was create your own superhero. The creation of this was really simple as the link to make your superhero was provided. As for my choices…. I really have no idea. I just went until I l liked what I had! I …

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    Morse Code Challenge


    My third assignment for the week was a morse code challenge worth 5 stars. The assignment can be found here:

    Morse Code Challenge

    After looking at a few other submissions for this assignment I decided that I could take this on. I came up with what I wanted to say …

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    College Memories


    For my second assignment of the week I created my first assignment! I came up with the idea as I went through photos from the last few years and realized I have done some pretty cool things. There is an assignment for high school memories but I have not seen …

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    Classical-Modern Mashup


    For the first assignment this week I did a a mashup between the 24k music video and the classical song Hoe-down. The assignment is worth 4.5 stars and can be found here:

    Classical-Modern Mashup

    To make this mashup, I went to Youtube and found a popular dance music video from …

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    Weekly Summary!


    This week I discovered I am not much of a fan of video editing… I like audio much more. Pulling the components together to create a successful video is quite difficult so shout out to all of you that love this. Here is what I did this week:

    Video Essay:…

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    Shawshank Redemption Video Essay



    For my video essay I did the closing scene of Shawshank redemption, one of my favorite movies. This assignment really put my skills to the test and I am still not super happy with it.

    To create this I opened the video in youtube and muted it. I then …

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    Sign Language


    My last assignment for the week was to sign a word so that someone out there can guess what I am saying! I will give you a hint that it pertains to our class.

    To make this I opened photobooth on my mac and then recorded myself signing the word. …

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    The Galapagos Islands


    The second assignment I chose to do was Vacation time where I put together a video of pictures and video from a recent vacation. This summer I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Ecuador. I was in Quito at a language immersion program, but decided while I was there …

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    Spoiling Breaking Bad


    The first assignment that I chose to do this week was to create a movie spoiler in 30 seconds or less. Well, spoilerrrrr mine is for breaking bad and its 2 minutes. The link to the assignment is:


    If you have never watched breaking bad, Walter the main character …

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    Web Page Remix


    For my web page remix using the X-ray goggles I created a funny job advertisement for myself. Earlier in the week I started creating a page on an amazon posting but it became really complicated really fast. After struggling for about an hour I gave up and walked away. Today …

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    Minuscule Stories Radio Show Reflections


    Unfortunately I was not able to catch a whole lot of the radio shows when they were on the radio. But I did go back and listen through a few. I really liked the Minuscule Stories show. I felt as if they did an excellent job with the sound effects, …

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    Daily Create Story


    One day last year, I went for a walk down by the lake after a storm. As I walked down towards the small beach eating my pistachios , I saw all sorts of new pebbles on the waters edge. These weren’t any pebbles, these were ink varnished pebbles; something I …

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    DS106 Showcase


    I went through and found 3 of my favorite daily creates from out twitter feed for the DS106 showcase! I knew that I really liked the first one but the others I found as I went though.

    @ds106dc #tdc1742 #ds106 This goose about to drop the sickest mix tape of …

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    Google Street View Story Telling


    The second assignment I chose to do for this week was to tell a story with an image that I found on google street view. This assignment was worth 3.5 stars brining me to the 8 stars that I need for this week. Surprisingly, I was only the second person …

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