1. @bsorense

    Audio Refection


    As I worked my way through the Audio Resources page that was provided for us, I found two very useful and insightful pieces. The first of which was the tutorial on how to use Audacity as I had never used an audio editing program before. The little crash course was …

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    Weekly Summary



    For this week I started out with my Photo reflections and how I could become a better photographer. I had been putting some thought into this over the summer and reading a little bit more, so wrapping it up in a blog post was enjoyable. I think that the …

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    VIntage photo


    For this assignment I was tasked with taking a bad photo and writing on it with Helvetica for 2 stars.

    To do this I took a photo of the lamp with a filter on my Iphone 6 and then I pulled it into paint for Mac and Wala!


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    Photo Blitz


    For the Photo Blitz I took a photo of my initial start time along with the list that I was tasked with completing.

    The first picture, MY FEET!

    Second photo, Rope that holds shelves in my room!

    Third Photo, Something that emphasizes one color. This may be 2 but there …

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    Terrible Birthday


    For this assignment I chose to do a bad birthday assignment where I chose a photo of me where I do not look happy and add birthday decorations.

    Here is my bad birthday photo!

    For this assignment I had my girlfriend send me a picture of me mean muggin. After …

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    What is that?


    For this assignment worth 4 stars, You take a close up photo of something that others may not be able to guess what it is.Here is my photo! I will even give you a hint, it is not carpet!

    To create this I used the app Photo+ and my iphone …

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    Becoming a better photographer


    After reflecting on the Becoming a Better Photographer piece, I began to surf Flickr for examples of how the techniques are used by professionals. I was surprised that many of the photos that stood out to me were portraits of individuals. These are the photos I chose:

    This first image …

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    Photo Reflection


    Currently, I do not take as many photos as I would like too. However, I would say that I take more than most of my friends. A lot of the time, I try to enjoy a specific moment rather than live it through snapchat or Instagram. The only down side …

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    Weekly Summary



    This week in DS106 seemed to be much more involved! Im think after a three day weekend and then getting my text books over the weekend it has felt like I have done two weeks worth of work in one week. Wheew I will be glad when I submit …

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    Post “Secret”


    For my third assignment I chose to do a post secret which is worth 1 point completing the points that I need for the week. The prompt can be found at:


    I chose to share one of my travel dreams which is to back pack across South America from …

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    Backyard Plans


    For my second assignment, I chose to create my ideal room. Well really it will be my idea back yard because I love to spend time outside and that really is my ideal room. The internet gives us the power to research and look for ideas that we like from …

  12. @bsorense

    Dear 31 Year Old Me


    For the first of my assignments this week I chose to write a letter to myself in 10 years. Here is the link to the prompt:


    Dear 31 year old me,

    Sitting here at 21 thinking about what I hope my life is like in 10 years, I have …

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    As We May Think


    After some reflection about the article As We May Think, it is remarkable the vision of the future that the author had in 1945. Once Dr. Bush started laying out his ideas of the what the future would hold, I was amazed how accurately he predicted what would happen. It …

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    Web 2.0


    After reading “Web 2.0 Storytelling,” I have several thoughts. I think that there are valid arguments on either side of the the question that was posed when reading. And to be quite honest I am torn on what I think. From the perspective of a new means of story telling, …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week has been interesting first week of class as there were many things that needed to be accomplished on the web and I had no idea how to do them. First, I did not have a single account that I needed other than a gmail. Signing up for the …

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    My Social Media Accounts


    Hey guys my name is Ben Sorensen. Im a senior accounting major here at Mary Wash. My new social media accounts for DS 106 are:

    Twitter: bsorense
    Soundcloud: bensorensen1
    Flickr: bsorensen1
    google/youtube: [email protected]
    This is my girlfriend and I last summer at Niagara falls on the Maid of the mist. …

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    Creativity: Show your work


    I enjoyed this experience which amounted to self reflection for me. While its easy to say many of the things that the author points out in this article, it is much harder to achieve. I think there are many valid points for an artist, but once could easily paint broader …

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    The Internet: How to Break the Open Web


    This article was quite interesting to me primarily because I have never put serious thought and consideration into the fact that we could have more of an open sourced, decentralized web. We (I would think more than just me) are so accustomed to opening out computer and utilizing the web …

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