1. bsosnik

    My People: A Photo Essay


    As a senior at the University of Michigan, my college career is quickly coming to a close.  I have had 4 incredible years in Ann Arbor, filled with some of the most memorable moments of my life.  I have met so many great people and made so many great friends.  …

  2. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    CC Paul Reynolds

    This week has been an interesting and fun week of photography.  Taking pictures and analyzing photos and images has been thought provoking and brought out some more of my creative side.  I’ve always enjoying picture taking and trying to capture the right moments, saving the emotion and …

  3. bsosnik

    Go Blue Gif


    To create this Gif, I used Photoshop.  I began with a blank slate and used the Custom Shape tool to create the arrows in each corner.  I then duplicated the layers, moved the arrows around so they would point towards the center of the image.  I did this twice.  For …

  4. bsosnik

    Response to Jon


    All I can say is that I’m confused.  I really had no idea what was going on from start to finish.  I knew right off the bat that these people were living in some sort of facility, whether it was an insane asylum, rehab center, test center or some sort …

  5. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    Design has gotten off to a great start.  I was able to brush off some of my old Photoshop skills and have some fun as well. I’m really looking forward to doing all the daily creates and designing some unique things.

    As far as my creates, here is what I …

  6. bsosnik



    In honor of our trip to the Final Four, here is my own design!

    I started by getting pictures of each of the starting five players, Coach Beilein and the Michigan Block M.  I then used the text tool in photoshop to type out Michigan and find a font that …

  7. bsosnik



    The concept of minimalism is very cool.  I think its because of the simplicity of the images that make this form of design so enticing.  Some of the posters I looked at had such little going on that they were somewhat tricky to identify.  I came across a lot of …

  8. bsosnik



    Welcome to Westeros, one of the Seven Kingdoms in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

    To do this poster, here is what I did:

    Found a picture of Westeros online In Photoshop, I outlined the kingdom and Select > Inverse and deleted the landscape I used the gradient tool to…
  9. bsosnik

    American Flag – Color Splash


    For the color splash daily creat, I immediately knew I wanted to do something with an American Flag.  It is such an iconic figure and I knew the colors would stand out really well on a black and white background.  Here are the steps I took to create this image:…

  10. bsosnik

    Albums Without Sound


    Album 322
    The Parliament of Dreams – You Can’t Get To Sleep

    Scrolling through the Albums Without Sound website I was really intrigued by all of the designs.  Some covers were better than others, but I found them all interesting and cool.  The concept was really neat and I thought …

  11. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    It’s one of those transition weeks, the segway from the Audio section to Design. Coming into audio I wasn’t really sure what to think.  After our first few class discussions about our lack of listening to radio and audio pieces, I didn’t know how well the section would go and …

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