1. bsosnik

    Design Daily Create


    Stop Sign on a One Way Street

    I began with a picture I took outside my house at the end of the street of a Stop Sign and One Way Sign.

    I followed Brian’s tutorial to some extent for the rest, since Gimp is a fairly new application to me. …

  2. bsosnik

    The 2013 Cartoon Tournament


    In honor of March Madness, what is your favorite cartoon?

    So to begin, I found a website that allowed me to create the bracket with all the names of the cartoons.  From there I went to the print screen and took a screenshot of the bracket.  I then went to …

  3. bsosnik

    Response – How Images Think


    How Images Think was a very interesting read and provided a unique perspective about how images can, are and should be interpreted.  I found the beginning of Chapter 1, Vantage Point and Image-Worlds very relatable.  The references to the news and technology seemed spot on, especially in relation to everyday …

  4. bsosnik

    The College Music Scene: Audio Piece 2


    I wasn’t sure what to really talk about in my second audio piece and then it just kind of hit me.  I began to think about what our class thought radio really was and what we listen to on the radio.  I remembered that first day of the audio section …

  5. bsosnik

    Response to “Living with Cancer”


    Topics related to sickness and death is always a tough thing to talk about.  I know that when I must face people who have lost loved ones or are dealing with life threatening health issues, I have no idea what to say.  Like the woman in the opening segment said, …

  6. bsosnik

    Transom.org – Response


    I found the transom.org website to be a really interesting concept.  From the homepage of the website, I really wasn’t sure what the site was all about.  Before I listened or read anything on the site, I visited their About page to see what the idea behind the website really …

  7. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    CC Ed Yourdon

    I will be leaving the country bright and early tomorrow morning for Spring Break.  Headed down to the Dominican Republic to stay for a week in Punta Cana. I’m pretty excited after a long week of 3 exams and lots of work.  Had to do my weekly …

  8. bsosnik

    Radio Show Idea


    At first I wasn’t too thrilled with the “Dating” theme that we cam up.  Being in a relationship myself, I know my girlfriend, nor I for that matter, would not be too happy with me talking about our relationship.  But I got thinking, there is so much more to talk …

  9. bsosnik

    Deception – Response


    CC Flickr User OC Always

    I found the introduction to the podcast rather interesting and odd, the whole thing with the snake at first made no sense, but I did figure it out.  The snake was acting “dead” just like people are taught when they face dangerous animals.  I thought …

  10. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    I’m very excited for the Audio Section to begin.  I was really into the video segment of the course, but hopefully this will be just as fun.  Not too much to report today as it was mostly a transitional week moving from video to audio.

    I did two daily creates, …

  11. bsosnik

    Response – “Listening In”


    CC Orin Zebest

    Reading Susan Douglas’ Listening In brought about some new thoughts on what Radio was and has become.  When it was first conceptualized and created, it was a new medium to connect people through the use of media like music and speech.  I had never thought of a …

  12. bsosnik

    3rd Video: Jaws Trailer


    I began my third and final video with the idea of taking an iconic scene and using effects and modifications to make it something new.  The idea was to go along the lines of the Star Wars silent movie scene we saw at the beginning of the video section.  The …

  13. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    CC Flickr User jsawkins

    Can’t believe the video segment of the class is coming to a close.  I really enjoyed using video and iMovie to come up new ideas, stories and recreations. I had a lot of fun with creating a class video this last week.  I think it was …

  14. bsosnik

    Video One: Hey Shorty by E-603 Music Video


    I have always been a huge fan of the Mashup genre of Music.  I think it is fun, interesting and very unique; combining elements from a variety of genres of music into a single song.  Many mashup artists have arisen to unprecedented popularity, including Girl Talk and Super Mash Bros.  …

  15. bsosnik

    Response – How to Read a Movie


    Famous movie critic Roger Ebert presented a interesting and thought provoking idea about movies and screen in his article “How to Read a Movie“.  When watching movies, I had never thought much about the physical locations of characters on the screen in terms of their stance in relation …

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