1. bsosnik

    Response – The Reality Principle


    CC Eva Rinaldi

    Kelefa Sanneh’s article about reality television entitled The Reality Prinicple was really fascinating and eye opening.  After reading the article, I took a moment to think about the enormous amount of reality tv that dominates today’s airwaves.  A reality television show can be found at anytime time …

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    Weekly Review – February 3rd


    PSY became a hit with his Viral Music Video for Gangnam Style. CC Jordi Sanchez Teruel

    This week was a lot of fun because we began the video section of the course.  I have really enjoyed fooling around in iMovie and this gives me a great opportunity to create some …

  3. bsosnik

    Numa Numa


    After doing the readings, I was inspired to try it myself. My very own daily create!

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    Response – The Syncher, Not the Song


    I knew the Numa Numa Song only from the video that Gary Brolsma did in his room that went insanely viral.  It was a hilarious video that caught fire across the world. I found it interesting hearing the background of the actual song and how it had popularity before the …

  5. bsosnik

    Video Section Goals


    I have used iMovie a few times before mainly for school projects and small videos, but I really want to be able to utilize all of the tools in the program to make unique, interesting, funny and enjoyable videos and movies to share.  I want to be able to format …

  6. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    Sorry for getting this up a little late but here is a summary of what I did last week.  The daily creates were fun this week and involved FOOD, so I enjoyed participating in both.  The first was a picture that described my favorite breakfast drink, chocolate milk.  Then, …

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    In honor of the Michigan Basketball team becoming #1, I thought it would be good to use GIMP for the first time to make a cool illustration

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    Daily Create – January 27th


    My Breakfast Special:

    Today’s special is an exquisite omelette made with perfectly sautéed onions, fresh picked mushrooms, and vine ripened tomatoes.  It is served with freshly cut pineapple and a side of homemade wholegrain raisin bread.  A side a freshly squeezed strawberry, banana, orange juice and a glass of chocolate …

  9. bsosnik

    Michigan Radio


    The Michigan Radio site is very cool and its functionality is excellent for Michigan residents.  Its a fantastic news and information source in a simple, easy to understand format.  It has so news articles and voice commentary that make it accessible to anyone, no matter their choice of reading or …

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    Response – What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?


    Reading this article from the Harvard Business Review was interesting because of how simple and straightforward the explanation of social media.  Its realm in todays world is enormous and it is bewildering to think that a large amount of people in the professional world, especially executives and CEOs, do not …

  11. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    The first few weeks of this course have been great so far and I am really excited about the direction of this course.  Creating my own blog, utilizing websites such as twitter, youtube, soundcloud and other social meda sites have all been successful so far.  I have learned a great …

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    Response – “A Vision of Students Today”


    In the video, Michael Wesch clearly shows the evolution of the technology and the Internet, especially in the lives of today’s students.  Computers have become the most important tool for those involved in higher education.  Some of the numbers, percentages and statistics from the video truly amazed me.  I found …

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