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    Weekly Summary: Week 6


    I really enjoyed learning about design storytelling this week. It was cool to learn how design is like a communication, in that, if your audience does not understand your message or end goal of your design, then you failed in your design and nothing else matters. This also showed me …

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    Design Blitz


    I found the design blitz to be difficult because it was hard for me to find already made designs that inhabited these different design concepts (color, typography, minimalism, etc.). However, all of the designs I found ended up being posters on campus, so here is what I found and why …

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    On March 31st in History…


    This assignment I chose is called On This Day where you must design your own Google-esque image by using either your first name or last name, the colors of Google letters, and integrate a theme that you find by searching “your birthday (day and month only) in history” online. For …

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    Honda-Walmart Merger


    This assignment that I chose to do is called The Ultimate Merger where you must take two companies and merge their logos together. For this assignment, I just randomly chose two companies off the top of my head, and I chose Honda and Walmart. This actually turned out great and …

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    Apple vs. Samsung


    This assignment I did was called A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing where you must pick your favorite company and recreate their logo with their competitor’s logo design. For this assignment, I chose to do Apple because that is my one of my favorite companies. Therefore, that meant that I had …

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    Design Thoughts


    After reading The Vignelli Cannon by Massimo Vignelli, I learned that design is like communicating. The viewer’s understanding of the meaning or end goal of the design is of most importance because if the audience does not understand the design, then all else fails and nothing else matters. Therefore, design …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 5


    This week was very interesting to me. I enjoyed getting to learn all about audio and sound effects. This week helped me to understand the importance of audio and sound effects and their profound impact on how a story is told. I came to realize how much sound effects help …

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    DS106 Radio


    Listening to the ds106 radio this week has been great. This has really shown me the unique and important art of audio storytelling. It has also shown me how dialogue can be elevated just by adding other produced works and audio clips to transport yourself into the action. This is …

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    80s Synth Song


    This assignment I did is called Sound Scapes where you must create a sound piece out of found sounds. So, I decided to use GarageBand on my iPhone because it is very easy to use and you can easily pick from lots of different sounds to create whatever music you …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    I am excited for this radio show project. It seems really interesting and something way out of my comfort zone. A really cool idea for the radio show would be to create a narrative of something that happened to you in present day, and then recreate it as if it …

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    Audio Reflection


    Audio storytelling is a very interesting concept that I have never really thought about before. However, if there was never any sound in the background, everything would just seem bland. After listening to “Moon Graffiti,” I realized the importance of audio storytelling. Certain sounds elicit some type of …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 4


    This week was somewhat challenging for me because I never usually go this into detail with techniques when taking or creating photos. Most difficult task this week was the Photoblitz because you only had 20 minutes to capture all the was required for each of those seven tasks, but I …

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    9 to 5 Barcode


    This visual assignment I chose is called Create A Movie Barcode where you take a movie, convert the file into image clips, and input those image clips into a image generator that turns them into a barcode. This assignment seemed really cool, and I chose one of my favorite movies, …

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    The 20 minute photoblitz was a fun assignment that really tested my creative skills in trying to find ways to make photos to fit these requirements. It was no easy task for me, but it pushed me, and that was good. Here were my seven tasks.

    Square is hip! Lose…
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    Photo Reflection


    My photo taking skills have always been pretty much the same. Currently, I do not take a lot of photos, and the ones I do take are of either the occasional nice scenery that I see outside or of my dog “Sushi.” I do not have a particular approach to …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 3


    This week was a little challenging for me because it required a lot of writing, and I don’t enjoy writing that much, and it is not one of my strong suits. However, I do enjoy reflecting, and this week involved a decent amount of reflecting, so I enjoyed that. My …

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    A Trip To Cabo


    This writing assignment I chose is called Welcome to Paradise! where you have to write about your dream vacation, where you would go and why, and who would you bring with you.

    One of my dream places to visit is Cabo San Lucas in Mexico because I have never left …

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    The 5 Second Rule


    This assignment I chose is called A Snapshot of a Story where you have to create a haiku about your favorite myth, legend, or tale. I chose the 5 second rule because its a very funny rule that many people follow sometimes, myself included, even though it is completely false. …

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