1. calebsnow14

    Radio Show Commercial


    Here’s my Radio Show Commercial for “Ever Ready”. I listen to a lot of radio and the majority of the commercials I hear are for companies like this one that I made up. They always have some guy with a deep “manly” voice telling you that you need to get …

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    Radio Show Bumper


    Here’s my Radio Show Bumper I completed for my Radio Show Group! I was going for a contemporary feel for our radio show so I wanted to make the bumpers similar to those that you hear on like NPR. Not necessarily the desired effect, but it’s not bad. Audacity makes …

  3. calebsnow14

    Weekly Summary #6


    I liked this week! I also feel good about myself because I did ALL of the daily creates for this week. I think design is a really interesting topic and it was clear to me that after this week that there was a lot more that goes into design than …

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    Bravo Deer


    Here’s the original assignment: Cartoon The Head Assignment

    When I think of beautiful scenery and animals I of course think of Johnny Bravo. It’s a shame that the Johnny Bravo TV series didn’t incorporate nature into their show more so I took the liberty of doing that myself. Behold.

    “Hey …

  5. calebsnow14

    Emergency Advice From Homer


    I used a simple photo editing and cropping tool to make this shirt. It’s definitely not pretty but I think the idea of is pretty funny. I’ve been watching a lot of old Simpsons episodes lately, as everyone should, and so that show in particular has been on my mind. …

  6. calebsnow14

    Love at First Shot


    This story is about two adventurous people who have so much of life left to live. They are not focused on what’s in front of them, but rather looking back at the past and enjoying their memories together. What’s in front of them has endless possibilities and they will continue …

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    Conceptualizing Design


    This week I photographed some objects that I felt exemplified some of the design concepts that we studied. It was interesting to look at ordinary objects and to think of them in a way that I had maybe not considered before. I took lots of pictures, but a lot of …

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    Vignelli Canon


    Vignelli’s Booklet was an informative reading and helped me understand design in a more concrete way. He talked about three major principles of design being syntactics, pragmatics, and semantics. These three concepts he noted were the foundations of design and they should be considered and almost kind of have to …

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    Week 5 Summary


    The weeks done! And it’s only 4pm? That’s about 9 hours earlier than I usually submit my summary. Unfortunately, I’m not submitting early because I was being proactive for the sake of being proactive, but because I’m leaving soon to go to DC for the afternoon and I wanted to …

  10. calebsnow14

    Harper for MVP


    So I know I talk a lot about the outdoors and some of my other hobbies, but one big thing I’ve left out is baseball. One of the things I’ve noticed over the past couple of years as I’ve been “growing up” has been my continuing disinterest in sports and …

  11. calebsnow14

    Flower Power


    After I read the description for this assignment I immediately started looking around the room for something that I could use as the main object. The first thing I saw was a pumpkin but I had some difficulty figuring out how to make a pumpkin more than just a pumpkin. …

  12. calebsnow14

    First Photoblitz


    My first Photoblitz was a fun experience. It’s interesting how some of the pictures turned out kind of cool, even though my goal was just to complete the assignment. I’ve taken a lot of pictures that I was trying to make “cool” before but they didn’t turn out that way. …

  13. calebsnow14

    The Woman Outside of My Window


    I look out of my window, and I can see a woman. There was once a time when I walked with this woman through the mountains and forests that now also lay within my gaze as I look at her. The moon shines bright upon her face. I thought her …

  14. calebsnow14

    Weekly Summary #4


    The week is done! I’m usually excited for the upcoming week at this point on Sunday nights but right now I’m just glad to be done. It was a long week and week # 4’s assignments didn’t help make it any shorter, but I will say that I enjoyed myself …

  15. calebsnow14

    Big Old Girl From Carolina


    Oh Dear…. So there’s this assignment. I really did not like doing it. It was simple to do but its always awkward when you wait until Sunday night to do an assignment and you’re spending the night at your girlfriends house. It’s also especially awkward when your girlfriends parents can …

  16. calebsnow14

    Spooky Dialogue Assignment


    The first assignment I completed was listed in the assignment bank as “Spooky Dialogue”. In this assignment I was supposed to play around with audacity to change around a scary voice recording to make it even scarier. I HATED this assignment because I hate video taping or recording myself in …

  17. calebsnow14

    “Hit The Road” Reflection


    First and foremost before I get into the details of this story and about HOW it was made, I want to use the first paragraph to say how much I loved this story. This story connected with me and I felt inspired and even slightly changed after listening to this …

  18. calebsnow14

    Weekly Summary #3


    This week was fun! The assignments all shared a common theme of “storytelling” and so it was nice to focus in on one topic. Here’s my more in depth thoughts of what went on this week in my DS106 world!

    I found that storytelling to me can be a lot …

  19. calebsnow14

    Capturing a Story in Images


    Here’s my album I created in the Flickr group “Tell a story in 5 frames”. The first picture is from about 2 years ago and the last was just recently taken last month. I don’t want to explain too much to give away the meaning of the photos, but in …

  20. calebsnow14

    Picturing a Digital Story


    In this post I’m going to be looking at the show “The Price is Right”. After watching the video by Kurt Vonnegut I immediately thought of this show because the perception of people’s happiness show is much different than their logical happiness. Like many other game shows, contestants will go …

  21. calebsnow14

    The Very Best House In Town


    I have the very best house in town. Behind my window, lies an ocean whose sandy beaches connect directly with my backyard. And beyond this ocean lies an island that is plentiful in food and fresh water and in the middle of the island there is a great white house …

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