1. calebsnow14

    Telling a Story of Storytelling


    When I think of storytelling a few immediate things come to mind. I think of books, of people, and I think of spoken word in a familiar voice. Storytelling to me has to be captivating and it has to be transcendent. I suppose there could be bad storytelling that wouldn’t …

  2. calebsnow14

    Weekly Summary for Week 2


    How well do I feel I completed the requirements of this week’s assignments? I thought I did a decent job this week. I really got into some of the assignments and really enjoyed both of the refection pieces but I was a little bit lackluster on a couple of the …

  3. calebsnow14

    “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able”


    I really liked the presentations by Michael Wesch. The series was called Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able” and it’s a topic that was actually very interesting and more thought provoking than I would have expected. The presentations were about a new media environment that our society is currently living through and the …

  4. calebsnow14

    Introduction Post for DS106!


    Hey Check it out, these EXCITING media posts are all about me and what I’m about. It was my first time doing some of the things you’ll see down below but I was able to figure everything out for now…

    First, let’s start with my blog post


    Here’s a …

  5. calebsnow14

    DS 106 first week reflections


    Here’s my reflection for the FIRST week of DS106.

    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

    I think I completed all of the requirements quite well actually. My Youtube Video could have used a little bit of editing slash production work but that’s what …

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