1. CarlosG

    The End of CT101


    I can’t believe that this class is already over in a span of around 4 months. It felt like the class only took 5 weeks, and that there’s so much more stuff to do during the class. But during this semester, I had a fun time taking this class since …

  2. CarlosG

    Disney Remake Overload


    Can we talk about Disney remakes? I want to talk about Disney remakes, and have a lot of problems with it when it comes to the company of the modern age. Do you remember when the original company studio (Not Pixar, Marvel nor Star Wars) used to make a whole …

  3. CarlosG

    Creating a Domain


    During CT101, professor Seslow taught us in how we can made our very own website. I was shocked at the fact that we are able to create our own site, and we can do whatever we want with it. However, the process of getting a domain name was a bit …

  4. CarlosG

    The ZINE Project


    The ZINE collab project is when many students submit their own digital design based on what its meaning is. And this year, our class had to illustrate a design on how, “Technology and creativity are powerful tools for fueling communication, inspiration, digital-storytelling and design.”

    I did two designs that share …

  5. CarlosG

    The Spoilers in Memes


    Memes are one of the modern ways to express our emotions of something, or just make us laugh. But when it comes to creating memes from movies or video games, it’s a risky move to do. The reason for that memes can come from spoilers in entertainment that certain people …

  6. CarlosG

    Are Memes considered as Art in the Modern Era?


    I’m sure that almost everyone knows what memes are by now. They have made people laugh, and even express their feelings about a certain topic and create jokes about how good or bad that topic is. But are they considered as art? In my opinion, I think it does. It’s …

  7. CarlosG

    Expectations for CT101


    Before taking this class, I thought it was gonna revolve around how people posting and blogging stuff on the internet changed the way we communicate. I also thought we were gonna write essays about those topics, along with doing some research on certain social networks. But this class surprised me …

  8. CarlosG

    What makes me Happy on the Internet


    Usually, I go to the internet to do some homework and a few projects as well. And sometimes I gotta take some all nighters, and they can get pretty frustrating. Luckily, I can just search of some funny videos and memes and make myself laugh fo a bit. Comedy as …

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