1. caroswin

    To be (hungry) or not to be (hungry)?


    Assignment: Combine a cat pic with an appropriate Shakespearean quotation. 

    Now this is a DS106 assignment I am all over. Being a daily LOLcat viewer I can definitely appreciate the value of a good LOL. Buster has filled my iPhone camera roll more than once with his antics, he’s a …

  2. caroswin

    RIP little earthworm: a true story.


    Task: Take a photograph from the perspective of an earthworm.

    Yesterday morning as I lounged in bed, work-poor on the first day of term, I heard a pattering up the hallway. Cats… yes… two of them. I went back to my book. A couple of minutes later I heard “oh …

  3. caroswin

    Say my name, ***ch!


    Assignment: Find your name in the environment around you. Look for your first name, parts of your first name, or even the individual letters that make up your name in the environment around you. Take photos and crop them together. Share. Enjoy!

    I go by the name of Caro mostly, …

  4. caroswin

    Australia: we weep.


    Task: Write a limerick about someone famous. Like really famous.

    A Prime Minister ought to have class.
    Julia Gillard was given the arse.
    Kevin Rudd copped flak,
    But then he came back,
    Now the whole Labor Party’s a farce.

    I’m not normally a complete cynic but I couldn’t help writing …

  5. caroswin

    What is DS106?


    Well, I guess we’ll find out together. It’s essentially designing and building an online profile to tell my “digital story”. This is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that began at University of Mary Washington in the USA and is available to anyone, anywhere. See more at ds106.us/.

    There …

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