1. Casheda

    Assignment 4 (part 3) – We’ve Found Your Match


    This is my friend Jose, We are huge fans of CSI Miami. One of the reasons being is because he looks just like Adam Rodriguez, who play detective Eric Delko on the series. I was so exited to do  this assignment:


    basically you take a photo of someone you …

  2. Casheda

    Assignment 4 (part 2) – Mission: Defamiliarize


    I created this visual using pixlr express app on my iPhone. I photographed some objects, uploaded it to my pixlr express station and started playing around with some awesome layers and filters. I had a lot fun with this application, and I’m still learning more about it.…

  3. Casheda

    Assignment 4 (part 1)- Splash of color


    Red Boots on Rainy Day

    I took a photo of my feet with my rain boots on. Then I used an iPhone app called color splash, to create grey scale. After turning my photo completely grey, I then added back the color to my boots. I enjoyed this visual assignment …

  4. Casheda

    Assignment 3 – Web 2.0 Response


    O’reilly’s “What is Web 2.0?”  and ” Seven Things You Should Know About Creative Commons”” Is a bit of a challenge. There are some terminology that I’m not to familiar with like Bit Torrent, Syndication and GoogleAdsense. However I did some research of my own to understand those vocabularies. From …

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