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    Change is among us-reflect 7


    This has been a great week. This week’s reading was eye-opening and inspiring the motion of change.

    This week I have created daily creates and a visual assignment that add to my abilities to be creative and use new tools in a different way. I analyzed a digital story about …

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    Factory Farming-wk 7 Critique


    WARNING! The images in this video are disturbing and graphic.


    Though this video is graphic it is intended to serve as a way to educate the general population. I know that this video does not represent all Factory Farms but I think it is important to be aware that many …

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    Reflection to my first digital story


    Well this week has been eventful! I caught a Pikachu and I hatched a Charmander… Oh wait that doesn’t pertain to this class, sorry Pokemon Go has taken over some brain cells!

    Anyway this week I was trolling through my YouTube channel and came across my first digital story that …

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    Push or Pull- You choose!


    Well I choose Pull! In our reading this week about social learning it describes how the traditional education system is considered the “push” and the “pull” refers to informal, participatory learning that has the learning pulling up their own learning material and sources. I don’t want to be part of …

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    The Animal of My Eye


    To say that I am obsessed with my dog is probably an understatement. I would take him with me everywhere I went if I could. His first trip was at three months old. He had broken his leg two days before but made the drive to Texas with me. The …

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    Week 5 Reflection


    Well I decided to take 3 days off from school this week since we had family in town. I got to take a trip to Wyoming, and hike up a waterfall, but it made for a cramped week of work.

    Overall I enjoyed this week of work. Learning about participatory …

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    Learning is Social-Reading Response week 5


    It is time to be a participant, and not just the ones that get a participation award for showing up. The reading this week was focused on being an active participant in one’s learning environment. This means collaborating and discussing learning and how teachers need to do more than bring …

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    Schwarzenegger And Stallone-Mashup


    MashUp was the name of the game this week and to go along with our reading and creating a participatory learning environment I enlisted the help of my husband. When I say this Mashup I immediately thought of my husband and his affinity for movies. So he helped me come …

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    Thinking about thinking- week 4


    This week I have lacked serious motivation! This week I feel like I just checked off tasks and didn’t put a lot of work into my creations. Life got in the way this week with a visitor for 9 days who left Wednesday and trying to get everything done before …

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    Meme Catastrophy


    When looking for a digital story to critique this week I wanted to try hard to stay away from videos because that is how I have stereotyped digital stories. I am going to try to take my new learning and step out of my comfort zone to find a different …

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    Blogging- A new Literacy


    This week’s reading “Academic Blogging as a New Literacy” was interesting and I think directly tied to the work we are doing in ILT5340. I gained some familiarity with some terms such as autoethnographic and hypertext.Our blogs are all hypertexts because we link to other material and each post is …

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    PSA-Animal Welfare


    This week’s DS106 Assignment Bank is from Design.

    I chose to do this assignment from the Design Assignment Bank. The assignment says:

    Using Gimp or a similar program, create a public service announcement billboard on something that really aggravates you about people, society, the world, etc. It can be serious, …

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    Reflection is deep-week 3


    This has been a rough week for technology. First hypothesis had a bug and then Google Chrome decided to quit connecting to the internet. Then I tried to annotate with internet explorer and that was a fail. SO for this week I am currently short one story critique annotation I …

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    Responding to Reading-week 3


    DIY! This week’s reading was all about the DIY culture and how it started as a home improvement term for people who didn’t want to pay high dollar to have something done around the house. This concept applied to new media is new for more but has started to make …

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    Animal Welfare Vs. Animal Rights


     This story is about understanding the difference between animal welfare and animal rights. I chose this story because I have chosen to focus on animal rights and wanted to see what it had to say about the difference between welfare and rights. After watching the story I have decided that …

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    I can be Reflective-Week 2


    Wow! What a week! I feel like this week was more structured on my part and I was able to complete everything. Oh except that I have not done ANYTHING for my other online summer class…oops!

    Assignments this week are done and complete! I worked hard to make sure that …

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    Critiquing? Yes, we are! -Animal Rights


    As I watched this Digital story about animal rights I was questioning, “why?”

    Why these images? Why this music? Why so graphic? Why no dialogue?

    I’m sure the graphic part is to evoke some emotions and get people thinking about the things that happen to animals when they are slaughtered …

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    Free Abused Animals


    That was a challenge but also a learning experience. For this week we were assigned a DS106 Audio Assignment and I chose FlickrSounds. I didn’t think this would be too hard but I did get stumped at one point.

    The assignment says:

    This is a simple mashup that searches …

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    Remix Reading-A response


    This week’s reading was yet again robust but easier to process with the use of hypothesis annotation. The chapter this week revolved around remixing and what all is a part of remixing in the sense of new literacies. Overall, the chapter made me think about the ways that we are …

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    Digital Story Critique – Finding


    What to look for in a digital story…There are so many parts and components that take place in digital storytelling, so today I am going to focus on media application, story, and organization/pacing.

    I chose a digital story about finding a life purpose and connecting to a community.  The story …

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    Dare to Dream



    Hmm… A visual bucket list, I think I can manage that. I was skimming through the DS106 assignment bank and came across the Bucket List assignment. I decide that this seemed simple enough for my first DS106 creation. So, I took it’s suggestion and hopped on over to Be

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