1. catalinardeg

    Rory James: Your Horror Host Extraordinaire


    Hello there world. This is Rory James, taking over the Scream Khaleesi blog for a spell. You might be wondering who I am. And that’s a reasonable thing to wonder. I’m a horror host of a small Youtube channel, and I’m working on setting up a podcast. Thrilling, I know. …

  2. catalinardeg

    Radio Remix


    Wow, this is a late blog, but I do have a lot to say!

    So this radio show was the first audio assignment that I’ve really tackled. Luckily, my group members were on it. We created a Google doc which made communication a lot easier. We wrote out a script, …

  3. catalinardeg

    Alien Atmosphere


    I recall at least part of the second in the Alien franchise, Aliens. But I would be lying if I said I remember most of it. What I can recall are some of the visuals. Ridley Scott is an incredibly talented director, and has proven himself again and again at …

  4. catalinardeg

    Haiku Me, Haiku You


    Haikus can be fun
    Haikus can also be dumb
    This is the latter

    You must begin with five
    Then you upgrade to seven
    And then you regress

    These are lots of fun
    And when you read them out loud
    Your friends will smile…

  5. catalinardeg

    Trapped Inside a Doll’s House


    The Twilight Zone is on the list of shows which I plan on watching, thought I would be lying if I said it was especially high on the list. I recognize that it is a key part of the horror genre, but I believe I’ve always had preconceived notions about …

  6. catalinardeg

    Spooky Scary


    The smell coming from the trunk was putrid. It reeked of rust and bile, and even in the dim light, she could see a wet stain leaking from the grey leather.

    Veronica had only been gone a few days, and she had been communicating with her roommate up until that …

  7. catalinardeg

    First Weekly Summary (!!!)


    When I learned that DS106 would be focusing on the components of horror storytelling, I was thrilled. Within the last two years or so, I’ve become very interested in the horror/thriller genre. I have written short stories in the past that were intended to be scary, but I never really …

  8. catalinardeg



    Ah! I think I’ve finally figured all this out. My name is Catalina, but most people just call me Cat. I’m a senior at UMW, double majoring in Communication and Digital Studies, as well as Theatre with a focus in acting. I transferred here from Northern Virginia Community College in …

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