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    Shh! It’s Week 9


    Journal entry for Week 9 – DS 106

    Thank you for ‘light’ workload week. It was much appreciated! Week 9 – wow! Are we really more than half-way through? I feel like I’m finally keeping up with the (fast) pace and learning new software and different technology. This week I …

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    Radio Show Reflection


    The highlight of the week was listening to the radio shows and interviews. The suspense of That’s Horrific Radio, with the introduction music, was an interesting beginning. This show was set up as a talk show and everyone sounded very calm and comfortable analyzing the song – Hotel California, and …

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    Beware of the Vampires… Only Sally Slaughterhouse can translate what they say!

    Using host characters from Grade A Gruesome Smooth & Spooky Variety Hour, I created this Warning poster.  3 stars.…

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    Red Reaper Barcode


    I really like the Red Reaper and thought of using it for my Gravitar, but went with the cat theme instead. When I saw this week’s assignment of collaborating with another host character, I decided to use Red Reaper.

    For 3.5 stars, the story goes like this… LaNoir was out …

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    What Week is this?


    Another whirl-wind week! Thank goodness I’m working with a terrific team – Grade A Gruesome! We’ll take you on a smooth and spooky adventure with our radio show. You might even want to buy a crossbow by the time you’re done listening.

    This week included a work session on Tuesday …

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    Grade A Gruesome – Smooth & Spooky Variety Show


    The past two weeks have flown by working with the Grade-A-Gruesome gang for our Smooth & Spooky radio show. During the first week we met to create an outline of the show and identified who was doing what sections. Not knowing anyone from the group, I must say we all …

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    Lucky Day


    The lucky one-day would be a day with my family on a vacation in Italy (where my parents come from) and the world at peace.…

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    Wallpaper Design


    I thought this was posted last week, but it was saved in draft… so here you go!

    Using Publisher, I faded a black and white design option, chose a font for DS106 and used a mirror image to display a portion of the text. The idea was to create an …

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    Summary for Weeks 6 and 7


    Week 6 and 7 Finally Completed

    I don’t know where the time goes, but before you know it, it’s gone. Weeks 6 and 7 are combined because I had to get this done so I can move on to more current works. There’s probably some work that I completed, but …

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    The Godfather of DS106


    Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!
    The Godfather of DS106
    Staring Jim Groom

    This poster was created by finding a picture of Jim Groom. I Googled it – he’s already famous! The picture was copied into Publisher. The face was cropped and edges softened. Another search for Marlon Brando …

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    Planet of the Vampires


    Mario Bava’s Planet of the Vampires was an interesting film noted for its sound, color, and lighting effects. The sets were minimal and each was enhanced through the use of shadows, fog, sounds, and color. For a 1965 film, this was quite innovative. The spaceship consisted of a main console …

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    Design Blitz


    A trip to Texas visiting my niece took me to the State Fair in north Dallas.

    Color – these brightly colored Minions were eye catching. The color yellow creates an emotion of happiness, blue is a cool color often associated with trust and loyalty. Purple is a color of power …

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    Recap of Week 5


    A re-cap of the week. (9/25)

    The week of audio was challenging. In a clumsy way, I created a story only using sound. The Making of a Thunderstorm consisted of various sounds from freesound.org and from other audio searches. Using Audacity to combine sounds from birds chirping, wind, leaves rustling, …

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    Road Sign


    Take the second exit in the roundabout.

    I’ve traveled in Europe, but never was a driver while exploring the countryside or cities. The roundabouts are what I remember most.…

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    Real Love


    Sarah met Mike when she was just 18. Friends at school and over summer break. They went to senior prom and became best friends. She gave him a bow; he gave her a flower. The following year, they each went their own way; one to college and the other traveled.  …

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    Sound is a lot like marketing in that you have to appeal to the senses while creating memorable, visual or non-visual images and sensations. Sound can change a person’s emotion from happy to sad, or from crying to laughing. It can also have meaning and add value to an event, …

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