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    Thoughts and Ideas for Radio Shows


    Using host characters, create different themes and build a story around their themes. As each character is introduced, something new happens in the story.  For instance, my host is La Noir and her theme is wind. That section would include something about wind – in the dark of night, with …

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    Welcome to Radio DS106


    Well… this was an interesting challenge or shall I say opportunity. After downloading Audacity and watching a YouTube video, I searched for some jazzy music and chose Miles Davis’ Pharaoh’s Dance. After a few trial and errors… I was able to record the music and my voice announcing DS106 Radio. …

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    Listen and you will see…


    Listening to “Moon Graffiti” it immediately captured my attention with the crackling and beeping sounds. It’s what you would have expected to hear over a radio or microphone 50 years ago. The beeping became louder as the tension rose and the voices became stronger – yelling!. Then suddenly, it was …

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    Bride of Frankenstein


    The analysis of this image is of the background/foreground. There is movement in the background and the still image with table and chairs in foreground. It also is a good representation of depth.

    Perspective. The small man in the jar and the close-up of the doctor’s face.


    There is …

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    Every Picture Tells a Story


    Photography is something I started long ago. My first camera was a fully manual Cannon. The camera went everywhere with me. It was fun and exciting and offered an adventure everywhere we went. It opened up a whole new world when viewing objects and people through another lens. Over the …

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    Lady Gaga’s Tractor Pull


    This is Lady Gaga’s debut at the South Dayton Tractor Pull. Both images were found on BING and downloaded. The photo of Lady Gaga was cropped and had the edges rounded and softened. It was copied and pasted on to the original tractor driver’s head. The images were sized and …

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    The Lion is King


    In the beginning we see and hear the simplicity of life,
    the beginning of the Circle of Life,

    then we celebrate the beauty of life,

    we experience the creativity and newness of being young,

    then there is the worst feelings of FEAR followed by DEATH,

    next we go on a …

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    Spent the evening with my daughter Leah looking at photos from many years ago. This was our dog Lady from 2003 through 2014. What a great opportunity this was for us to laugh and reminisce over found memories. And for my other daughter – Elizabeth, I hope you enjoy this …

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    20-Minute Snapshot


    Start at the top left and go across each row ending at 7:20
    1. Guess what this is?
    2. Fruit/Toilet Bowl
    3. Tonight in the backyard. Landscape
    4. Shades of green grass
    5. Rings of a tree
    6. Young enough to swing on the tree of life
    7. Start time…

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    Mama’s Lasagna


    A day in the life of Mama. She made a great lasagna and we’ll always remember her special cooking. It was delicious! She would have been 105 today. Mama once said, some things are better left untold. Me and Frankie will tell you a little about her if you want …

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    God Bless America


    Weekly Journal
    September 11 – God Bless America
    Please take a moment to remember.

    I once had a pre-calculus professor that impressed upon his students these five small words that had an enormous impact – One Step At a Time – OSAT (pronounced Oh-sat). Many years later, I still apply …

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    The Story Curve


    The Vonnegut Shape of Stories video was quite amusing and thought provoking. As I went about my day, I visualized the G, I axis and B, E axis and applied it to a meeting and an agency picnic. Using the reading, The Lottery, I started just above the B – …

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    Friends in the Fall

    A street-scape in a small country town in 1908. Two friends separated by an illness are reunited to say good-bye. A simple postcard sent to the hospital with glad tidings and fond memories. This quite rural street is now a paved thoroughfare through a bustling town …

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    Don’t Fear the Reaper


    Film Review
    The Grim Reaper (1961)
    Cast: Boris Karloff, William Shatner, Natalie Schafer, Henry Daniell, Elizabeth Allen, Scott Merrill, Fifi D’Orsay, Paul Newlan, and Robert Cornthwaite
    Director: Hershel Daugherty
    Review: A Boris Karloff thriller of its time, The Grim Reaper. Natalie Schafer portrays an eccentric mystery playwright and author, Aunt …

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    La Noir


    La Noir is a mysterious, soft spoken woman. Her face hardly sees the light of day. From the top of her head to the rough bare soles of her feet, she is draped in black silk that is as dark as the night. Listen closely when she speaks, so not …

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    The Not so Grim – Grim Reaper


    The Grim Reaper.

    Just the mere title sent chills up my spine and I didn’t want to watch this film. To my surprise, it was not as scary as I thought it would be. Black and white film does wonders for horror movies. One of my hobbies is photography and …

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    Shadows on the Wall


    Night Gallery: Certain Shadows on the Wall.

    Each character was quite distinct and unique with his/her behavior, demeanor, and personality. Brother Steven, the doctor, assumed the role of authority much like the man of the house. Then there was the sickly sibling who required continuous care. The one pleasure she …

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    Shadows in the night


    Shadows are like clouds. Your imagination can turn a simple blurred image into just about anything. However, some clouds are black as coal and fierce looking. Once, when I was a child, my brother was calling for me. I heard his voice, but couldn’t imagine why he was calling me …

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