1. catscarnival

    From Bang to Fizzle


    The week started with enthusiasm! I explored the blog pages and daily creates 1 & 2 were done two consecutive days in a row. Weekly assignments were identified and I started creating and having fun learning some new techniques and tools. By Wednesday, after two full days of work and …

  2. catscarnival

    the DARKNESS…


    When a non-living items (dolls) become distorted, lifelike creatures that threaten one’s life, it  invokes emotions of fear and terror. What makes a film or video scary is the use of make-up and sound. The background music, changes in volume, and variation in tempo and tone. Facial expressions, the look …

  3. catscarnival

    Storytelling Horror


    Digital storytelling is a world without boarders. It’s open, fluent, instantaneous, sexy, scary, happy, and sad. Storytelling existed thousands of years ago from ancient cave drawings to the spoken word. The digital age has taken us to a vast new level of communications and storytelling. The Slender Man is one …

  4. catscarnival

    Oh the places you can go…..


    When you wish upon a star, your dreams will take you…
    It doesn’t have to be very far. A place – on a beach or in the mountains with family and close friends would be the ideal dream vacation. Mornings we would wake with a dazzling sunrise and a cup …

  5. catscarnival

    Places to Visit in your own Backyard


    Spending a day or a few with new and exciting things to do. Arlington National Cemetery – there’s nothing more to say. A visit to Chincoteague watching the wild horses and relaxing on the beach. And don’t forget a glass (or two) of wine always helps one relax! The next …

  6. catscarnival

    What’s on Your Bucket List?


    This was an easy create. I started taking photography classes years ago with my first Canon camera (all manual settings). My dream was to work with National Geographic and shoot pictures of an African Safari. Life happened and things changed. Photography is still a passion, but on the back burner …

  7. catscarnival

    It’s My Party


    An appropriate ending to the first week of Creepy Tails From the Carnival is the party. Does your birthday every really go as planned?

  8. catscarnival

    Challenge 1 now an opportunity


    DS106 is taking me out of my comfort zone and just at the right time. As a small business owner, I am looking forward to the opportunity. However, for the social-media newbie, instructions and tips are most helpful.…

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