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    Weekly Summary: Project Recap


    My final project revolves around storifying the instructions from IKEA. I first introduced this idea back in week 4 and received a lot of good, useful feedback. Just a few weeks prior to first introducing this idea, I purchased a bed frame from IKEA and had a great deal of …

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    IKEA Instructions – From Irritating to….Encouraging?


    Chris is an intelligent man, a professional engineer excellent with tools and carpentry work, and savvy when it comes to thinking dynamically. He has an impressive resume with constructing things, from a 500 sq/ft tree house 50 feet up; to the most beautiful wine cellars in the villas of Tuscany, …

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    Weekly Summary Week 6 and 7


    Definitely the most interactive assignments thus far has been the past two weeks revolving around video reviewing and editing. This was a very informative week for me since previously I’ve had absolutely no video editing experience. In fact, when watching a YouTube video, for example, it never occurred to me …

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    Looking Back at Storifying Ideas


    This week I have taken some time to review my classmates blog posts relating to their ideas of things that can be storified. There were a lot of good ideas that spanned across a variety of creative topics, from grammar instructions to amplified guitar pedal boards. One thing I observed …

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    Play by Play – Peanut Butter and Jelly


    For this assignment, you are supposed to provide play by play commentary on a video. I thought to mix it up a bit and do something a little different, so I found a video on “how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” since it’s one of my favorite …

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    Chaplin Circus Fraternity Initiation


    This was my first video creation/editing experience! I learned a lot from this assignment and it was cool to see how easy it can be to add in things like a title and credits. The trickiest part for me was adding in the overlay audio, but I ended up using …

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    Reading Movies – Techniques and Strategies


    Roger Ebert, a well-known film critic, wrote about his experiences studying, dissecting, and reviewing films. He explains that conducting these actions are much more than an exercise he goes through, its the fact that he essentially “reads” the movie by using a technique called “Cinema Interruptus” –  stopping the film …

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    Weekly Summary – Week 5


    Very hectic week, a lot to learn and keep up with. However, the assignments were interesting and I feel like the tools we learned and practiced with will be useful in the future. This week started out with creating a SoundCloud account then recording your first audio file. I created …

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    Storifying – Take 5!


    For this week I have chosen my 1994 Acura Integra. A car, really? At first I didn’t think it would apply, but taking a deeper look, I realized it’s filled with stories and elements that could carve its own story. What made me think of it was the fact that …

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    Chaplin Foley – ROARing Lion!


    Foley sound, which is defined by Wikipedia as the reproduction of everyday sound effects, was the basis for this assignment – creating sound effects completely on our own to mirror a section of a Charlie Chaplin film. The section of the film that I was responsible for was from marker …

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    Raining Hamburgers!?


    After setting up a SoundCloud account, browsing the site, then getting acquainted with some of the features and capabilities the site has to offer, I went ahead and recorded my first SoundCloud audio file! I kept with the theme our professor recommended: A silly news story. For some reason the …

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    Storifying – Take 4


    Ok, we have all been through it; the dreaded IKEA instructions. I purchased a bed frame from IKEA not too long ago and although it took only about an hour to construct, I had to examine, interpret, decipher and whatever else you want to call it in order to understand …

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    Photo Blitz!


    For my photo blitz I chose my living room since I have a lot objects, colors, and light. I thought it was a fun exercise and it really makes you realize what level photographer you are since it forces you to use your camera in creative ways with limited time. …

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    Storifying – Take 3


    For this weeks item to “storify” I have chosen ice skates. The significance of these skates, however, is the fact that I am the third owner. They originally belonged to a family friend, then were handed down to my cousin, and finally I retired them just a couple months ago. …

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    Five Card Flickr Story – “Relaxation in Sight”


    Creating a five card flickr story was a fun experience, I like how you are forced into creating the different story elements with just a few options. But even with just 5 pictures I still felt pretty flexible with using my imagination. Also, looking back, I realize how vital the …

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    Photo Techniques


    Throughout the week I was waiting for moments where I could apply some of the tips we learned this week. Some of the photo “rules of thumb” that were interesting to me was first of course the “rule of thirds” which I thought was easy to follow and makes a …

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    Week 2 – Summary


    Some very engaging content this week starting out with the video of Evelyn Glennie explaining the importance and value of listening well. I thought it was very intriguing and I thought her accent added in keeping me in tune the whole way through. This week I broke down a fictional …

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    Storifying – Take 2


    While in New York City during super bowl weekend, amongst the hundreds of different festivities going on around me, I noticed the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile drive by me. I immediately snapped a photo and stood there in awe and amazement since it’s something I have see only in TVs, …

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    Hooray Beer!


    The above commercial is for the Jamaican-based beer, known as Red Stripe. It is one of my favorite commercials simply because it keeps me laughing the entire time. It is safe to say it was a low-budget commercial and even includes some “cheesy” elements such as the blinking text at …

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    Week 1 Summary – cbedross1


    I thought the opening week of our Digital Storytelling course was very informative, interesting, and challenging. The videos were very creative and were easy to follow and at times, very suspenseful. The main point of the week was to introduce what storytelling is, but I like how we were never …

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    What to Storify?


    Living in an age where technology and media are unavoidable, the digital world has begun to consume our lives. This may seem to have a negative connotation and many would agree, but it is at the point where those part of generation X and younger are beginning to feel more …

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    My Idea of Stories


    I can’t say I’ve personally defined what a story is or even considered what items/pieces make up a story. So as I wrote down what I think a story is, the first thing I placed on my scrap paper was this..

    ..Beginning and End..

    I sat and looked at this …

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