1. Candice Benshoff

    Calling All Explorers


    For this assignment you have to let your inner explorer out! Go out into the wilderness or at least outside and observe nature. Show us what you found in less a less than 30 second video. I got this idea from a video I took a few weeks ago of …

  2. Candice Benshoff

    Make it Creepy!


    For this assignment you must make the creepiest sound you can in a short audio clip. This can be done using props or simply your voice. Think about things you hear in scary movies. Make something that will send chills down our spines!

    This was rather easy for me. I …

  3. Candice Benshoff

    Commenting on Google Reader


    In class Jim Groom kept saying just star your comments to keep track of them. I had no idea what he was talking about. Therefore, I also have no record of what I commented on the first half of the class. As you all know participation (commenting on others work) …

  4. Candice Benshoff

    Final Project: The End


    Over the past couple weeks I have scanned over 200 pictures!! Since I have already described the majority of the process I figured would end by showing a few of my favorite memories. Enjoy!

    Nothing better than going for a ride on my Harley

    I used this image in a …

  5. Candice Benshoff

    Final Project: Step Four


    This week the scanning begins! I began by pressing the scan button on the printer. It then gave me three options of where to scan to: computer, flash drive, or memory card. I select computer and was then told that I have no computers set up to scan to. Thankfully …

  6. Candice Benshoff

    Final Project: Step Three


    The printer has arrived! As you can see it fits great on my book shelf and doesn’t take up too much space. The paper goes in the little silver tray at the bottom. I forgot to mention that it is also touch screen. The black piece in the center lights …

  7. Candice Benshoff

    Final Project: Step Two


    Above is an image of my “picture box.” I wish I could tell you that these were all of the pictures, but sadly there are many more that won’t fit into the box. As you can see there are too many pictures to possibly scan all of them for my …

  8. Candice Benshoff

    TDC: Final Week


    April 30: Noses, schnozes, beaks, snouts, probosci, snoots. Get the picture!

    April 27: Square is hip! Lose the rectangle. Share a photo with square (1:1) aspect ratio. Crop if needed.
    This one never made it to TDC website sorry! Flickr wasn’t letting me upload







  9. Candice Benshoff

    TDC: Week 12


    April 21: Using a picture taken today, add a caption or title from todays news headlines.

    April 20: Take a picture of a word or sign that represents the kind of day you’re having.

    April 17: It’s the 100th Daily Create- Create a photo representing this number

  10. Candice Benshoff

    Countrified Haiku


    Out in the country
    Me and my dog in the truck
    Down that old back road

    The original assignment was to select an image and write a Haiku that describes it. My remix card was to countrfy it. I started by first deciding what I wanted to be the idea …

  11. Candice Benshoff

    The opposite of sunset is?


    For this assignment you had to take a picture of a sunset and make it the opposite. To make things simple I choose to use the photo that is on the assignment page (hopefully some of you recognize it). I then decided that the opposite of this would be to …

  12. Candice Benshoff

    Color Splash: Dr. Seuss style


    For this assignment I got the color splash assignment and the Dr. Seuss remix card. I decided to apply the color splash effect to a Dr. Seuss book cover. Since I already struggled with learning this process once and made a tutorial, it was relatively easy the second time. I …

  13. Candice Benshoff

    Infomercial Fortune



    When this idea came up as a remix I instantly knew I was going to do one. I hate all those cheesy infomercials and think they’re obnoxious. However, in order to watch tv you must suffer the pain. I thought this would be a good chance to have some …

  14. Candice Benshoff

    TDC Week 11


    April 7: Create an interesting photo that includes looking through one object to see another.

    April 5: Take a photo that includes repeating geometric shapes.

    April 3: Draw love.

  15. Candice Benshoff

    TDC Week 10


    March 28: Glamorize your ride with a photograph worthy of its service to you.

    March 27: Geology is everywhere, parks, building materials, etc. Photograph a local geological feature.

  16. Candice Benshoff

    Final Project


    For my final project I have decided to do a “family archive.” My mother and grandmother took tons of pictures and home videos of my siblings and I when we when younger. Of course now they are completely out dated. I’m scared that there is going to be a fire …

  17. Candice Benshoff

    TDC Week 9


    March 24: Some trees express enormous soul. Find and photograph that special tree.

    March 21: Make a photo that emphasizes the color yellow.

  18. Candice Benshoff

    Cooking Show


    For next weeks video assignments I am going to make a cooking show. This isn’t your everyday cooking show. I’m going to show you all the thing that I can cook. Don’t worry it wont take long I can only make about three items, my specialty being PB&J. I’m going …

  19. Candice Benshoff

    Play by Play


    father: Finally back at the hotel. It wouldn’t have taken so long if your mother hadn’t made us take a picture next to everything.
    mother: Oh lets take a picture by the hotel pool.
    father: If she makes us take it twice I’m going to jump.
    father: The waters pretty …

  20. Candice Benshoff

    Week 8 Daily Creates


    March 12: Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary

    March 14: Tell the world in a 5 minute or less video why ds106 is the best thing since… (cat breading?)

    March 15: Make an artistic photo that includes one of your own toes!

    March 18: Windows, gates, & …

  21. Candice Benshoff

    Analyze a Movie


    I choose to analyze the movie Titanic. It was released in 1997 and made the AFI’s list of the 100 Best movies of all time in 2007, ranking 83rd. After reading Roger Ebert’s article ”How to Read a Movie” I instantly began to recall key scenes that use many of …

  22. Candice Benshoff

    Eagle Radio: The Process


    Margaret, Emily, Leslie, and I decided to do our radio show on UMW throughout the ages. This title doesn’t accurately describe what we are doing since UMW has only been around for less than ten years. We are starting with the first opening of the State Normal and Industrial School …

  23. Candice Benshoff

    Color Splash in Gimp Tutorial


    Since I had never used GIMP before DS106 I had to watch YouTube videos to find out how to use it. I hope that those of you who have little experience in GIMP will find this helpful for the “Splash the Color” visual assignment. I have made the images slightly …

  24. Candice Benshoff

    What People Think I Do Meme


    Over the last few months I have seen a ton of the memes on Facebook. Personally, I find the majority of these to be absolutely hilarious. It gives you the opportunity to make fun of false stereotypes. I have seen great ones about engineers, asians, math majors, volleyball players, ect. …

  25. Candice Benshoff

    Optical Illusion


    When I was visiting Washington, DC over the weekend I had an idea for a visual assignment. For this assignment you must manipulate distance between objects to create an optical illusion. It took many tries and failed attempts to get my hand to line up under the Washington Monument. People …

  26. Candice Benshoff

    Radio Lab Show


    I listened to a Radio Lab episode called “A 4-Track Mind.” Not only did I find this episode very interesting, but I really liked the layout. They kept flipping back and forth between the talk show aspect and interviews they had done. As they went through the story they were …

  27. Candice Benshoff

    May I Take Your Order?


    I’ve always wanted to use a fake accent when I ordered food at a drive-thru so here’s my chance!

    I’m not sure exactly what kind of accent this came out as… but it definitely is entertaining. I recorded my order directly on soundcloud and then uploaded it into my blog …

  28. Candice Benshoff

    Make’em Laugh


    For this assignment the instructions were to tell a brief joke in a language that is not your native tongue. I have taken a couple semesters of Spanish in school, but am still far from fluent. I hope my Spanish is decipherable! I began by typing “spanish english joke” into …

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