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    That’s A Wrap!

    Weekly Summary #5

    Whoa! What a week! I can’t believe that this class has come to an end. I remember the first week of this course when I was so nervous that I almost dropped the class. Although, each week had it’s up’s and down’s I can say confidently now …

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    The End Is Near

    Final Project Reflection

    When I saw the requirements for this week I was excited! My only concern was that I only had four days to complete it, and for one of the days I was coming back from vacation. However, I put my nerves aside and started brainstorming my topics …

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    Never Grow Up

    Final Project

    Have you ever wondered how different Disney would be if it didn’t always end in ‘happily ever after’? Well ponder no further for I am here to tell you a story about a woman named Barbara, who challenged the ‘happily ever after’ endings.

    One night, Barbara, a working …

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    Last Hurrah!

    Final Project: How To

    For the tutorial on my final project I’ve decided to break it down into four different sections. The four sections display the different types of media I used and how I created each of them. These sections include, audio, visual, design, and video. If you want …

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    Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

    Weekly Summary #4

    I wish I could say that my confidence boost from last week survived this week’s video assignments… but it didn’t. When this week’s agenda was sent out I was thinking to myself, hey, this can’t be that bad! Little did I know, it was going to be …

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    Interaction in Action

    Comment Feedback

    This week’s blog feedback was very successful! With each week it becomes easier and easier to comment on other people’s work. I commented on four different blogs and replied to some comments that were left on my blog, PLUR. Below you can find this week’s (6/11-6/18) interactions.

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    DS106 Clone Wars

    Daily Create #14

    Star Wars the Clone Wars? More like DS106 Clone Wars! Today’s daily create involved cloning yourself! After roadtripping all the way to Rhode Island I made my friends take the panorama, but we had some difficulties. We would either move the camera too fast to where the …

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    Daily Create #15

    What makes you nervous? Today’s daily create involved tweeting an image of something that makes you nervous. Something that gives me the jitters is lack of privacy. Currently, while vacationing with my friends I asked them what makes them nervous. Half of them said lack of privacy, …

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    Through The Looking Glass

    Reflection: Look, Listen, Analyze

    When I watch a movie I never take into account the audio or the camera work involved. This assignment was a little trickier for me because I would zone out and begin watching the movie instead of doing the assignment. So I decided to keep myself …

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    Uh oh…

    Daily Create #13

    Today’s daily create involved chosing a classinc piece of art and transforming the way people view it by giving it a scenario/caption.  For the artwork I decided to pick American Gothic by Grant Wood.  I used the website provided to download the image. In regards to the …

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    Home Sweet Home

    Daily Create #12

    Today’s daily create involved customizing your personal map. The place I chose was Scottsdale, Arizona because I was born there. Also because it’s one of my favorite places to visit! I personalized my location by using the website provided. At first, when I was using Map Stack …

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    Just Keep Swimming

    Weekly Summary #3

    Audio week has been an adventure! At first, I was nervous because I hate recording my voice, but everything turned out alright! My week started off with a little background information. This included Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad’s storytelling advice and techniques. I learned a vast variety …

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    To Give Is To Receive

    Comment Feedback

    This week was different than most because we were required to interact more with our other classmates. At first, I was nervous because I’m not one for social interations over the internet. However, once I completed my first couple comments I became more comfortable. I thought that this …

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    Flower Power

    Daily Create #11


    It was for love and bloody peace. It was a fabulous time. I even get excited now when I realize that’s what it’s for: peace and love, people putting flowers in guns.


    Have you ever thought of peace and wondered what songs best portray …

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    All ‘Fig’ured Out

    Audio #4: Onomatopoeia! Rating: ??

    Who doesn’t love a good  joke combined with an onomatopeia? I know I do! And if you do too then you’ll absolutely love doing this assignment! This project involves finding a joke, riddle, etc. and pairing that joke with sounds to fill the background. The …

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    Obama Out!

    Daily Create #10

    This daily create allowed us to create our own talking Obama! I used the website provided to make the following video. I wanted my message from Obama to feel personal as if he is in our DS106 class. So I thought to myself, “what are key Obama …

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    Latte Meowcchiato

    Daily Create #9

    Today’s daily create involved making our own rendition of a weird latte by using the new avocado latte’s as our inspiration. I decided to make mine pun related (what else is new) by photoshopping latte art onto a Tabby kitten. I created this image by using my …

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    Space Bound

    Reflection: Moon Graffiti

    The Moon Graffiti audio has been my favorite audio, thus far. It did a very good job of painting a picture for the audience. It included the teachings that Glass suggested. It had a very good storyline and it also included the moment of reflection.

    The effects …

  19. @cgarcia2580

    Low Down Radio

    Reflection: TED Radio Hour & ScottLo

    The audio for the TED Radio Hour was interesting compared to ScottLo. The TED Radio Hour had all these different elements within the audio. For example, the  different tone of voices was a brilliant thing to do because it keeps the audience engaged. Other …

  20. @cgarcia2580

    Radio Magic

    Reflection: Glass & Abumrad

    If you ask several millennials they’ll probably tell you that the radio is not as relevant as it once was. This is because now-a-days many use other applications that provide them with what they want to listen to at that particular moment. However, hearing Glass and …

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    Keep on Truckin’

    Weekly Summary #2

    This week was less overwhelming than last week, for sure. It was easier because I had all the social medias set up, so I just had to create the assignment. However, if I had to compare the visual assignments from last week to this week’s design assignments …

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    Fine Designs

    Design Blitz Reflection

    At the beginning of this week, when I first saw this assignment I was worried. It seemed like a lot of work because of the background information. But like Tim Gunn says, “designers make it work,” and that’s exactly what I did. For this assignment the four …

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